New Music For July

I’m running a little late on this month’s list, mostly because the writing part of my right brain has been pretty quiet lately. I’m still engaging the musical part nearly every day, and keeping it active in other ways, so it’s all good. I’ve still got my quarterly post about what I’ve been listening to … [Read more…]

New Music For May and June

I didn’t post a list last month as I stupidly let me eMusic allotment roll over without downloading anything, and only got one new album as a result. So here’s this month’s new music, along with the one album (Nine Inch Nails) from last month.

New Music For April

I got a lot of new music this month, so I won’t belabor the intro too much. I do have to confess that not all the music this month was obtained through above-the-board means. Yeah, I slipped back into that whole “stealing music on the internet” thing a bit. Two of the albums hadn’t been … [Read more…]

The Pearl Jam Appreciation Post

Over the last couple of weeks I've gotten on a huge Pearl Jam kick. According to my Last.FM stats, I listened to more Pearl Jam last week than everything else combined, and managed to push them into my top 10 artists of all time. It started when I had my iPod on shuffle and it … [Read more…]

A Post About Music

Where it came from, I don't know, but I've found myself listening to a lot of industrial music lately. It kinda started, I guess, with the last couple Skinny Puppy albums and the latest Nine Inch Nails album, all of which are very good. But I've been digging back to a lot of older stuff … [Read more…]

Logic Pro, Back From The Dead.

Whoa, Logic isn't dead after all. But it might as well be, it's still dead to me. From a quick glance through the manual for the just-announced Logic 8, it looks like you still can't record the output of a software instrument other than bouncing to disk, and you still have to go into the … [Read more…]

New Track: Universal Disconnect

It’s time to let this one go. I’ve been sitting on it since some time in January, feeling it to be to imperfect and trying too hard to “get it right”. The theme for this one was feeling disconnected from the universe, floating around out in the void alone and removed. At this point, I’ve … [Read more…]

Regarding Apple, EMI, and DRM

There's an important aspect to this week's announcement from Apple & EMI that they were going to begin selling EMI's catalog DRM-free on Apple's iTunes Store that may have been overlooked. That is the entry of DRM, both as a term and a concept, into the average consumer's vernacular. Until now, I think it was … [Read more…]

Trent, You Magnificent Bastard

I just read that Trent Reznor has released the source files for Survivalism, one of the songs of his forthcoming album Year Zero, in GarageBand format. He's done this before with a couple of songs off his last record, but he's also announced that he'll be releasing every song off the new record as GarageBand … [Read more…]

What!? A New Nine Inch Nails Album?

It appears Trent Reznor has a new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero, set for release in April. Two years between NIN albums is unheard of, positively prolific for Trent. More interestingly, he's indulging in some of the most well-crafted viral marketing I've seen to promote it. There's a forum post here explaining the whole … [Read more…]

New Skinny Puppy!

After resigning myself to the fact that I would never get another Skinny Puppy album after Dwayne Goettel's death, I was pleasantly surprised when cEvin and Ogre got back together and released The Greater Wrong Of The Right in 2004. Even better, they're sticking with it and continuing to make music together. The new record, … [Read more…]

ZOMG! It’s A Festival Of 313!

I was digging through E-Music last night, as it was the last day of the month and I hadn't used any of my 40 downloads for January yet. So it was use 'em or lose 'em yesterday. Having, for the first time in ages, been back in a techno mood lately I browsed through the … [Read more…]

A Memo To All Techno Artists

Attention all techno artists… Stop singing. Please. Unless you are absolutely positively 110% sure you actually have any ability to sing, don't. Your atonal or, even worse, completely out of key mumbling over the top of your songs is ruining them. It sounds like shit and makes you come off like a pretentious, trendy tit. … [Read more…]

Okay, I Suck At Arrangements

I pretty much already knew this, but I’m realizing again that I really suck at arranging my music. I’ve got a stack of about a half-dozen (or so) decent songs that I just can’t get done. Mind you, whether or not they actually turn out good or not is very dependent on whether or not … [Read more…]

Re-Discovering Techno?

For whatever reason, I've been back listening to techno this week. I'm still listening to a lot of other stuff, mostly on the heavy side, but techno seems to have found it's way back into my rotation. Mostly just deeper/minimal stuff, but it's the first time I've listened to anything techno-related with any regularity in … [Read more…]