Not-So-Weekly Diet Update

Yeah, I haven’t done one of these in a while. The week I was in San Jose I took myself off the diet and pledged to enjoy myself in every way possible, including lots of yummy food. Since I got back I’ve been in kind of a funk and didn’t really feel like blogging, but … [Read more…]

Oh Yay, Snow! (Note Sarcasm)

Looks like we’re to get the first measurable snowfall today. Previous years, I probably would have been excited about that. This year? Not so much. I’ve always enjoyed the changing of the seasons, the turning of the leaves, the first snowfall, all of it. I was one of those weirdos that actually liked Cleveland weather. … [Read more…]

Tightening My Belt

Getting dressed for work this morning, I was able to tighten my belt up one notch further than I've ever been able to before. I had to, in fact, as it would have been really loose had I not (where it once was almost too tight.) The scale has been telling me I've been losing … [Read more…]

In The Blink Of An Eye

Not that I needed it lately, but I got another good reminder of the fragility of life this morning when I read that professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero died yesterday morning. Thing is, it was like any other day for him. He woke up in his hotel room that morning, and proceeded to get ready to … [Read more…]

Home Again

Well, I'm back in Cleveland. Wish I could say it's good to be home, or that I'm happy I'm back, but it would be a lie. I'm gutted. It first hit me in the hotel room this morning as I was starting to pack my stuff. This was it, my last day in California. I … [Read more…]

Can I Stay Here? Please?

Another great day in San Jose. Work was a grind, but it was awesome other than that. Went to dinner at a restaurant called Tapestry in Los Gatos (Southwest of San Jose.) They made the Zagat Survey, so, yeah, they're good. Had curried duck served over a scallion pancake. Mmmm. Apple crisp for desert. Mmmm. … [Read more…]

Damn Those Pesky Time Zones!

I've been up since 5:30am this morning, of course my internal clock thought it was 8:30am. It was still a good night's sleep as I went to bed at around 7:30pm last night, but now I've got a couple hours to kill before it's time for work.