The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 123

I think everyone on the trip had their own personal “OMG!” moment at some point. Some of us even had several of them. The arrival at Tengboche and subsequent time spent there was most certainly one of my two big emotional goosebump days. Sadly, I did a pretty poor job of enunciating how I was feeling in the commentary for this episode, but hopefully I’ll do a better job here. This was the day that what I was doing really sunk in, the day I really let it sink in.

Just About A Perfect Day

If I've had a better day in a long time, I can't remember it. Shopping for mountaineering gear. Hanging out at Starbucks and talking about creativity and inspiration. Taking a walk in the park and talking about mountaineering. Sitting at the bookstore and talking about meditation and spirituality. Dinner at Taza, talking about more of … [Read more…]

I’m Back? Kinda…

So, where have I been? I woke up New Years Day and felt like my every single aspect of my life was a complete and total failure. I'd never, in all my years, has such an overwhelming sense of absolute dissatisfaction over everything I was doing, top to bottom. My career was in the toilet. … [Read more…]

Wow, I’d Forgotten…

It's been so long since I just sat and listened to the rain, that I'd forgotten how wonderfully peaceful it can be. It makes me believe I'm taking he right path by pulling back and going off-line for a while. I would certainly have missed out on this experience had I been at a bar … [Read more…]

Some Photos

I finally got around to uploading some of the photos I took at my weekend retreat to my Flickr account. I've organized them all into one convenient set here: Shambhala Mountain Center There aren't many, as I didn't have much spare time to take any, but these are the best of the ones I did … [Read more…]

Further Reflections

After sitting here typing out all those journal entries, I got to thinking a lot more about the weekend. I'm really wishing I would have had a longer retreat, I think a few more days of that would have done me so much more good. It feels too much like I just got ramped up … [Read more…]

So, About That Vacation…

Most of the details from the retreat itself are in my journals I kept while there, so I won't go too much into that and leave it for when I can get them transcribed (soon, hopefully.) The short version is that it was very different than I was expecting, and dug much deeper into my … [Read more…]

Checking My Horoscopes

Not that I've started buying into this stuff too much, but both the horoscopes I read for the coming week were interesting nonetheless… The first mostly says that I'm due to “become infused with [an] abundance of physical energy and ambition.” Which is interesting, but it mentions in passing that “Virgos born in mid-September” of … [Read more…]

How I Got Into Buddhism

So, I was chatting with my new friend Julie this evening, and the subject of how I got into Buddhism was brought up, and it's a somewhat amusing story, so I figured I'd share it… Anyone who knows me (really knows me) knows I have issues with depression, obsessive-compulsive, attention deficit, et al. I'm a … [Read more…]