I'm broke. I'm unemployed. I have few prospects for work. I may have to move away from all my friends and family. I'm lonely. I can't remember the last time I had a date. I could go on and on about all the problems and challenges I'm facing right now. But… If I'm hungry, I … [Read more…]

Operation: Wake Up, An Update

Well, I stuck with it the rest of the week. Got up earlier each day, trying to get into that (theoretical) sweet spot of 6-8 hours of sleep. I continued to have more energy, get more done, and just generally feel better and more alert each day. Today, I decided to test the theory that … [Read more…]

Operation: Wake Up

I decided, after one of my recent near sleepless nights, to start trying to wake up at a more reasonable hour this week. Generally, I've been getting up around 10-10:30 each morning, and I usually feel pretty sluggish and lazy all day. I noticed myself having more energy and getting more accomplished the day after … [Read more…]

Sleepless Night

For reasons that I've been unable to discern yet, about once a month I have a night where I find it very, very difficult to get to sleep. I generally take a long time to fall to sleep, tossing and turning, unable to stop my mind for racing long enough to rest, but, once in … [Read more…]

Becoming Buddha

I've begun studying and-to some point-practicing Buddhism this week. I've got a number of issues I need to work through right now, and I feel this could be a great path for me to take. I've been having a lot of problems with anger lately, letting the littlest things get me upset, and having a … [Read more…]

Excessive Self-Congratulation

One of my myriad of daily rituals, a vice or, perhaps, even a guilty pleasure, depending on your viewpoint, is reading the daily comics page in the paper. Every day, without fail, I open the paper to the comics page and read it while I enjoy my breakfast. Throughout the day I eventually read the … [Read more…]

Finding A New Muse

When it comes to my musical endeavors, I always find I need some form of non-musical inspiration to spark that creative fire in me. A muse, if you will. What form that muse takes each time is wildly varied. For a while it was Spooky, The Thing What Sqeuaks. He served me well for several … [Read more…]