ZOMG! It’s A Festival Of 313!

I was digging through E-Music last night, as it was the last day of the month and I hadn't used any of my 40 downloads for January yet. So it was use 'em or lose 'em yesterday.

Having, for the first time in ages, been back in a techno mood lately I browsed through the latest releases in the “Electronic” category. There was a metric shit-ton of Underground Resistance stuff added in recent weeks, and a bunch of Submerge stuff as well! It looks like UR is slowly adding their entire catalog, as is Submerge (unusual as Submerge has their own online digital store.) Sheesh, so much classic Detroit Techno to pick through!

I also found a few releases from The Timewriter which I'm really digging. Really good house and tech house, and nicely deep too. Good times. Nice to be finding some electronic music that tweaks my melon again!