Six Months With World of Warcraft

This week marks my six month anniversary as a World of Warcraft player. I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to avoid the compulsive obession that I feared I would have, a fear that kept me away from the game for so long. In fact, were it not for a red-ringed Xbox 360 leaving me … [Read more…]

What I’ve Been Playing and Watching

I’ve started doing regular posts about what I’m listening to, both music and podcasts, but I realized that I’ve been neglecting what I’ve been playing and watching. Video games, television, movies, whatever. I spend as much time, if not more, on this stuff than I do on music, so why shouldn’t they get their own … [Read more…]

All About Achievements

No, this isn’t a post about setting goals, or life hacking, or arranging things into 43 neat little folders. While I love reading about-and even practicing-that kind of stuff, I’m not so big on writing about it. This is a post about Achievements, with a capital ‘A’, as found on the Xbox 360. Yes, another … [Read more…]

Oh My. It’s The Apocalypse.

The sky is falling. Cats and dogs are living together. A pig just flew by. 3D Realms is releasing a Duke Nukem Forever trailer later today. The game that's been in development for more than a decade, and become a running joke in the games industry (hell, the running joke) is getting it's first public … [Read more…]

Go Bungie!

The big news today is that Bungie Studios has broken away from Microsoft and returned to their indie roots. Microsoft will still own a minority share in the company, have right of first refusal to publish any future Bungie titles, and retain full ownership of the Halo franchise and all it's IP. It doesn't really … [Read more…]

Oh, Sony…

This appears to be the weekend where DRM gets egg on it's face. Turns out the DRM that's installed with the PC version of BioShock, the same DRM that's been causing no end of problems with installing said game, is installing rootkits on user's computers. The DRM in question is SecuROM, licensed to 2K games … [Read more…]

Believe The Hype

The word went out last week that the official launch trailer for BioShock would be aired last night on SpikeTV, along with a special “surprise announcement” immediately after. Cue the Tivo! The trailer itself was fairly underwhelming and not terrible compelling, but that special announcement? The demo for BioShock is available on the Xbox Live … [Read more…]

It’s Been A Viva Pinata Kind Of Weekend

I seem to have become mildly obsessed with playing Viva Pinata this weekend. I know, I know… it's kinda supposed to be a kid's game. But it's really fun, and really relaxing. As I'm getting older I'm finding myself more and more attracted to slower paced, open-ended games like this. Games where you can't die, … [Read more…]

Oh, Valve…

Someone give Valve a dollar so they can go buy a clue. They've announced that, at least through retail, you won't be able to buy the forthcoming Half-Life 2: Episode 1 / Team Fortress 2 / Portal bundle by itself. It will be available only as a $50 package which also includes Half-Life 2 and … [Read more…]

Good Week To Be A Geek?

It’s shaping up to be a pretty interesting week for a geek like me… On Tuesday, Adobe is having it’s media event to officially unveil all of it’s Creative Suite 3 apps. If the beta of Photoshop CS3 is any indication, sweeping changes are in store across the line. Hopefully there will finally be a … [Read more…]

So Much For Episodic Gaming

I read today that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 has been delayed again. Considering that the whole point behind Valve's switch to episodic gaming was so that they could release new content on a regular basis, they've kinda screwed the pooch now in that regard. 6-8 Hours of gaming unpredictably every year-and-a-half to two years is … [Read more…]

Sid Meier Gets Me Again

After trying out the demo yesterday, I had to go out and buy Sid Meier's Railroads today. Sid got me with the Civilization series, especially Civ IV, and he got me back in the day with the Railroad Tycoon series. So when Sid made a new train/railroad sim I pretty much knew I was going … [Read more…]

Another Boring Game Post

I'm not sure what possessed me to do so, but I started playing The Sims 2 again. I've managed to get hooked, nay obsessed, again. Not really playing the game as intended, but just having fun building these huge houses filled with bling in empty lots. *laugh* I guess it helps keep me from going … [Read more…]

Too Many RPGs!

I'm looking at the schedule of upcoming game releases, and it would seem we're going into RPG season. Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic comes out on Tuesday, Neverwinter Nights 2 comes out next Tuesday, and both Gothic 3 and Final Fantasy III for the DS come out two weeks after that. Sheesh, too many … [Read more…]