Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding

I caught Chris Titus’ Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding on cable this weekend and was surprised by how good it was! I’m not really a fan of stand up comedy, they usually don’t interest me much. I’ve seen some good comedians from time to time, but it’s not really my thing. So, I was pleasantly surprised … [Read more…]

Half-Life 2 Update

Valve released a patch for the game today which addressed several of the bugs in the game, mentioned in my review a couple days ago. The stuttering when auto-saving (or any other time) is gone, the garbled screenshots are fixed and quick saving is actually pretty quick now. Load times are a bit longer, but … [Read more…]

Half-Life 2: Best Game Ever?

Having recently completed Half-Life 2, I guess this is as good a time as any to offer up my assessment. First, the good stuff: It looks amazing. Even with an engine that's not as advanced as Doom 3's, it still looks better than Doom 3 does. It almost looks as good as FarCry, lacking only … [Read more…]