OMG! One More Day!

*bounces in chair* One more day until Half-Life 2: Episode 1 comes out! One more day! w00t! It makes me want to go into work really early tomorrow so I can go home and play it as soon as it’s unlocked! “Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine.” “Why, whatever do you mean? I … [Read more…]

I Love A Thunderstorm

There's just something about a good spring thunderstorm that gets me going. The air just feels more alive before, during, and after. As I was standing at my door waiting for my dinner to cook and watching the rain begin, a cat raced across my patio. He stopped on my doorstep and looked up at … [Read more…]

Opening Our Eyes

I read/heard two interesting things recently that got me thinking. First, I was reading an article in Astronomy magazine about UB-313, the (potentially) tenth planet that was recently discovered orbiting our Sun. Based on the limited set of observations they have, astronomers attempted to calculate the planet’s orbital speed and how elliptical said orbit is. … [Read more…]

More New Music

Though it won’t interest, well… pretty much anybody who reads this blog (that I know of) the new VoiVod record, Katorz, is amazing. Best stuff they’ve done since Killing Technology in my opinion, but I’m more of an old school VoiVod fan. I saw them on both the War And Pain and Rrroooaaarrr tours, back … [Read more…]

Walter. Tango. Foxtrot.

It’s less than two weeks from June, and it’s 47° out, and gray and rainy. Cold, wet, and miserable. Isn’t it time for spring yet? I don’t believe in god, but if I did I might suggest that Ohio is being punished for Ken Blackwell.

Much Ado About… Something?

Well, rumor number one was the accurate one. The company I’ve been contracting with has been sold. In the short term it’s going to be business as usual, nothing much will change just yet. I’m a realist though, and I know at least some change is inevitable in this kind of situation. Time will tell. … [Read more…]

Yeah? Patch this…

A patch was released for Sin Episodes: Emergence today, and among the many bugs it listed as fixed was one where the auto difficulty system wasn’t working properly. Apparently, it was making things stupidly difficult in many cases. Well, duh. As I already lamented in an earlier post, the game got frustratingly hard as it … [Read more…]

Things Are Afoot

Something is up at the company I’m contracting with right now, and whatever it is it’s going down tomorrow. They regularly have these “town hall” meetings, which give upper management a chance to talk about how the company is doing, where it’s going, and all that kind of stuff. As well as give them a … [Read more…]

Travel Plans

I’ve been reviewing my travel plans for the next year or so, and I think my three planned trips might get trimmed down to two. First of all, it’s quite the new thing for me to even be planning any travel at all. I’ve just never traveled much, not a big vacation person. Not for … [Read more…]

More Random Bits

I’m trying to take all these random (and perhaps somewhat trite) postings and combine them every few days, rather than post nonsense day after day. If it was important enough, I’ll remember it for the few days it inevitably takes to build up enough of them for a full post. If not, well… I probably … [Read more…]

Regarding Creativity

I was killing a little bit of time this evening by watching a bit of Metallica’s “Some Kind Of Monster” documentary, and caught a bit where James Hetfield was talking about how he got into music and the role it played in his younger years. This got me reflecting on why I originally got started … [Read more…]

Some Random Bits Of Pop Culture

My favorite new bit of music right now is Hakan Lidbo’s “From Hackney To Caracas“. It’s a blend of tech-house and Latin rhythms, mixed with bits of the soundtrack from a b-grade 60’s spy movie. Completely off the wall, and equally brilliant. Something akin to a structured version of Mr.Bungle’s “California“, but sans vocals or … [Read more…]

Such A Wonderful Day

Today was a day that was beautiful in it’s simplicity. No major, earth-shattering events happened today, but it’s collection of small moments shatter the earth nonetheless. Taking a walk in the beautiful weather with the sun on my face. Driving home through the park and enjoying the beauty around me. Sitting by the window and … [Read more…]

My Forecast For May

I finally got around to reading my forecast for May at today: This month is good as the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus are all well aspected. You are slightly prone to be agitated because of the Jupiter Sun opposition. What helps you deal with that energy though is the beneficial aspect with Uranus … [Read more…]