Now THAT Is Customer Service!

I’m off work today due to a general slowness at the office right now, nothing to do so no reason to be there, so I made my weekly trip to my local comics shop (Carol & John’s Comics in Fairview Park, OH) to pick up this weeks new comics. There’s this great new indy series, … [Read more…]

I [Heart] Alan Moore

Yes, this man is easily, in my opinion, the most brilliant writer in comics, and probably one of the best writers around, period. He looks, at first glance, to be a disheveled vagrant, he worships Glycon, recently retired from full-time writing to practice his magic, and he wrote the only graphic novel to be included … [Read more…]

Best. FoxTrot. Ever.

If you read today’s edition of the comic strip FoxTrot, there’s actually an easter egg hidden in it. Take the binary data shown in the strip and convert it to traditional numbers, then look up the associated characters for those values in ASCII: 01011001 = 89 = Y 01001111 = 79 = O 01010101 = … [Read more…]

Respect for Alan Moore’s Watchmen

Time Magazine recently picked their 100 Greatest English-language novels from 1923 to the present, and Alan Moore’s Watchmen made the list, the only comic to do so. I won’t argue it’s inclusion, as it’s easily my favorite comic of all time. I’ve read it more times than I can count and every time I pick … [Read more…]

Bad Week To Be A Cartoon Character

First, Unicef bombs the Smurfs into oblivion. Poor things are just dancing around the village on a nice, sunny day when the bombers show up and annihilate the whole village. Good times. Next, Wallace and Grommit perish in a warehouse fire. Actually, the entire history of Aardman Animations was destroyed. All the sets and characters … [Read more…]

Excessive Self-Congratulation

One of my myriad of daily rituals, a vice or, perhaps, even a guilty pleasure, depending on your viewpoint, is reading the daily comics page in the paper. Every day, without fail, I open the paper to the comics page and read it while I enjoy my breakfast. Throughout the day I eventually read the … [Read more…]

A Comic Book Cure For Death

There have been two somewhat controversial and/or newsworthy events recently in the comic industry: The death of Hawkeye in Avengers #502 and the resurrection of Colussus in Astonishing X-Men #4. On one hand, there's a lot of people upset or saddened by Hawkeye's death. He was a popular character among Avengers readers (or so I'm … [Read more…]

Rest In Peace Will Eisner

Seems the only time I write anything lately is when someone dies, sadly. This time it’s comic book pioneer Will Eisner. If you don’t know who he is, read this article: Will Eisner is what made comics great, it sums him up better than I ever could. Recent years have seen the losses of Jack … [Read more…]