I Can Has Passport?

I was very happy to find my shiny, new passport waiting for me in my mail last night when I got home from my weekly grocery shopping. (It was a nice change of pace from an otherwise pretty shitty week!) This was the one, last major hurdle between me and my Everest Trek in May. … [Read more…]

New Track: Preludes

Thematically, this one is about feeling like you’re on the cusp of great change. Like you’re reading the prelude to a new book, getting ready to dig into the pages to follow and explore what there is to experience. I’m feeling a lot of this in my life right now, like I’ll be a very … [Read more…]

Six Months With World of Warcraft

This week marks my six month anniversary as a World of Warcraft player. I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to avoid the compulsive obession that I feared I would have, a fear that kept me away from the game for so long. In fact, were it not for a red-ringed Xbox 360 leaving me … [Read more…]