New Year’s Resolutions? No.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, never really have and probably never will. I don’t wait around for the end of the year to roll around when I feel a change needs to be made in my life, I do it when the time presents itself as the “right” time to do it. New Year’s … [Read more…]

About A Tree

I spent about an hour earlier today staring at, and meditating on, a tree outside my window. I came to the conclusion that I like trees. When it rains, it drinks the water. When it is sunny it bathes in the warm light. When it is neither it doesn’t sit and fret about when it … [Read more…]

An Evening With Kevin Smith

I’ve had An Evening With Kevin Smith sitting on my DVR for months on end, and had never gotten around to watching it. The fact that it’s almost four hours long was certainly a contributing factor, but I finally decided to watch at least a little bit of it last night. I figured I’d sit … [Read more…]

Okay, Now I Feel Kinda Old

I just read on Jeff Mill’s blog that he’s working on a special 10th anniversary release for “The Bells”. Damn, has it really been 10 years? Not that I heard it when it was first released (it was probably a year or two old when I first caught on, thanks to Jimmy turning me on … [Read more…]

Just About Time For A New Wardrobe

I guess the weight loss thing is working as most of my clothes don't fit terribly well any more. A good chunk of my wardrobe is hanging pretty loosely right now, and pretty soon will likely just not fit any more at all! I need to wait until at least after New Year's to buy … [Read more…]

Restless Night

For whatever reason, I really slept badly last night. Very weird dreams, completely unfocused and random. Like trying to watch TV with some pushing the channel up button every couple seconds. Chaotic enough they kept waking me up, and once I was awake my mind was running like mad as a residual from the manic … [Read more…]

I Miss My Big iPod.

Damn it, I hate having to go back to this brick of an old 5GB iPod. I can’t carry shit for music on the damn thing. Right now, for example, I’m really in the mood for some Pop Will Eat Itself. But, thanks to my tiny little iPod, I have none with me. It gets … [Read more…]

Burning Popcorn…

…could possibly be the worst smell known to man. I’d rather have my head in the rectal cavity of the rotting corpse of a man who died from terminal flatulence than have to smell burnt popcorn. There ougtha be laws.

My iPod Is Depressing Me

I created a playlist on my iPod with all the songs from my personal soundtrack posting last week, just to actually listen through them and collect my thoughts about them. I put it on again today and put it on shuffle and let it play them in whatever random order it felt like, and it’s … [Read more…]

The Soundtrack Of My Life

Strap yourselves in kids, this one’s a long one… Driven, I guess, by boredom I’ve decided to make a list of the songs that, were my life to have a soundtrack, would comprise it’s track listing. Some of these are just songs I really enjoy listening to, others hold deep personal meaning or are tied … [Read more…]