About Me

My name is John Coleman. I work for a major healthcare system in the greater Cleveland, OH area as a graphic designer specializing in web and UI/UX design, as well as front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) development. I’ve been working in the design industry for the last 18 years, and before that did stints as everything from an operations manager to a recording engineer to owning a comic book store. I’ve been the corporate stooge, the creative flake, the small businessman, and everything in between.

But we are not defined by our jobs, so enough of that silliness.

Recreationally, I enjoy hiking, cycling, and just generally getting out and about and enjoying the outdoors. I do a lot of reading, though that has leaned far more towards the short-form lately due to time constraints. I find a little time here and there to enjoy the occasional movie or television show, and perhaps too much time playing video games.

I also enjoy photography, and you can see my work at both Flickr and 500px. I tend to post most of my stuff on Flickr, and only my best stuff on 500px. So go to Flickr for the firehose, or 500px for just my favorites.

I also enjoy writing and performing music, though that has become much more of a “noodling at home” kinda thing lately. I used to write lots of bleepy/bloopy techno back in the day, which can be listened to on our once-upon-a-time net label, Information Tray. (Apologies, the label site is dead for now. It will be back soon in some form or another.)

I have also participated on two podcasts, The Rest of Everest, and Tips From the Top Floor as a part of a photography workshop and Everest Base Camp trek in 2009. I can be seen in Season 4 of The Rest of Everest, and various episodes on Tips From the Top Floor.

Anything else you want to know? Hit me up on social media! I’m most frequently on Twitter, and Facebook.