Some Things Never Change

I just went to my old company’s website, the same company that off-shored my job last year, and it’s rather disappointing to see how little has been done with it since. The home page has been updated once, a couple weeks after I was let go. The News and Events page has seen only a … [Read more…]

Regarding That Job Offer

It took longer than anticipated while they debated over how much vacation time I’d get and whether or not my job title would have the “senior” appelation added to it, but I finally got my official offer letter week before last. (Yeah, I’m way behind on this whole blogging thing. *laugh*) The salary was lower … [Read more…]

On A Less Bitchy Note…

I'm told I will be receiving an official offer letter from the company I'm contracting with tomorrow. I told them up front I'd only be willing to consider an offer if it was competitive with my current hourly rate, so here's hoping they don't low ball me. I went this route with this same company … [Read more…]

Re-Thinking My Career

I realized recently that I've lost all my passion for graphic/web design. That moment of realization occurred a couple months back, during a reunion of some former co-workers. Back when we all worked together, I was the Macromedia Flash guy. I knew the program in and out, spent a good chunk of my free time … [Read more…]

They’re Paying Me To Do This?

I got to spend all afternoon playing around with an iPod Nano & iTunes, and I got paid for it! One of our clients wanted to ship the iPod to one of their clients loaded with a bunch of their podcasts on it. Thing is, they weren't really podcasts, but just a bunch of random … [Read more…]

Hard To Pass That Up

I've got a freelance gig that I'm starting this week, pretty basic front-end coding stuff, a dozen or so static HTML pages with consistent layout/page elements. Originally, the code was to be delivered on November 27th, which would have given me more than enough time to get everything done. But, they really want the code … [Read more…]

Gah! I’m Going In Circles!

I got a call from my boss at my last job this morning, and it turns out the other designer there put in his two weeks notice on Friday, so now she wants me to come back! I won't be going back until after he leaves, and it might only be 25-30 hours each week … [Read more…]


What a fun night! Dinner with friends. (Okay, the food sucked, but the friends part was good!) Went to see Spamalot (Funniest. Play. Ever.) Now I’m home and my Tivo has dutifully recorded My Name Is Earl and The Office for me, which I will now watch before settling into bed and doing a little … [Read more…]

Trying Not To Go Stir Crazy

I'm not going to go stir crazy! I'm doing what I can to keep myself busy while I'm between jobs. I went into work today to get my (possibly/probably) final timesheet signed and clean out my desk. Also copied some work that I want to keep for my portfolio off my system there. I don't … [Read more…]

Bad Technology Mojo?

If it weren't for the fact that every single aspect of my company's technology migration had gone wrong every step of the way, I might think I was suffering from the bad technology mojo today. In particular, the shared server that we store all our project files is running a whole new kind of slow … [Read more…]

Oh, Yeah, One More Thing…

I'm actually getting paid to sit here and make music today! How cool is that? Sure, it's cheesy pseudo-trance nonsense and fairly loop-based, but it's making music nonetheless. It's for a promotional movie/animation that we're working on for a client, so I'm putting together a custom music bed to match the ebbs and flows of … [Read more…]

Much Ado About… Something?

Well, rumor number one was the accurate one. The company I’ve been contracting with has been sold. In the short term it’s going to be business as usual, nothing much will change just yet. I’m a realist though, and I know at least some change is inevitable in this kind of situation. Time will tell. … [Read more…]

Things Are Afoot

Something is up at the company I’m contracting with right now, and whatever it is it’s going down tomorrow. They regularly have these “town hall” meetings, which give upper management a chance to talk about how the company is doing, where it’s going, and all that kind of stuff. As well as give them a … [Read more…]