Star Wars Trilogy DVDs

This will most likely be the 2139th blog posting today on this topic, but I want to beat the horse too, and I don't care that it's already shuffled the mortal coil. Han shot first. Hayden Christensen has no place in the original trilogy. That's all I have to say.

Random iPod

It's an old meme, but I still like it! Set the iPod to play randomly from all songs and post the first ten: 2 Dollar Egg – Towa The Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated Olav Basoski – Watch Yo Step Slayer – Hardening Of The Arteries Rene Breitbarth – Sir Paul My Life With … [Read more…]

Art Meets Commerce

I just finished up reading this great post from techno artist Morgan Geist, regarding the usage of a song from his Metro Area project in a toothpaste advert in the UK. It’s an excellent read, and got me thinking about my own views on the subject. Now, I’m far from a working musician (and have … [Read more…]

Flash Flashback

Once upon a time, I was a full-time Macromedia Flash developer/designer. For most of 2000-2003, from Flash 4 all the way up to the current version, in fact. Then things changed. Towards the end of 2003 I re-designed my site and got rid of the Flash interface, switching to just HTML/CSS. Then at the beginning … [Read more…]

Bad Experiences At The Apple Store

I had my first visit to an Apple Store yesterday, and it will probably be my last. This should have been an easy sale for Apple, I had decided in advance to purchase a dual-2GHz G5, so all they had to do was have one in stock and it was sold. Found a salesperson, told … [Read more…]