New Track: Far From Home

Not sure what to say about this one, it was a bit out of left field. Way more downtempo than I usually do, and brings in a bit of R&B flavor to things? I also arranged it in more of a verse/chorus structure, which was a bit different from my usual build-and-drop techno structure. This … [Read more…]

New Track: Stimulus Response Pattern

The second of ten songs written as part of the RPM Challenge, I more or less stuck to the familiar again on this one. There’s a few more melodic elements than I typically have used working their way in, and most of it was performed rather than step sequenced, so there’s still a bit of … [Read more…]

New Track: Perversion for Profit

The first of the songs I wrote as part of the RPM Challenge is finally done! It’s pretty typical of the stuff I used to write all the time. I stretched and experimented a bit on how I wrote, but the result was pretty similar: boots-and-cats techno, basically. The title comes from the 60’s propaganda … [Read more…]

The RPM Challenge

In an effort to continue to re-ignite my musical creativity, I undertook a project this year called the RPM Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to write either 10 songs or 35 minutes worth of music in the month of February. I went into the whole thing skeptical I would come anywhere close to … [Read more…]