A Frank Self-Assessment

As some concern has been expressed more than once about my current mental state in recent weeks, I decided to sit down tonight and do a bit of brutally honest self-assessment of where my head is really at right now. Am I happy? No. I’m miserable. General sadness punctuated by bouts of full-on depression. I’m … [Read more…]

A Few More Creative Ramblings

Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ll be done rambling on creativity and the right brain after this. There’s a couple more things I spent some time examining and thinking about, so here it goes… (The quoted bits are again from “How To be Creative”.) The more talented somebody is, the less they need the props. Meeting … [Read more…]

Climbing Your Everest

I’ve been spending a lot of time today reading the “How To be Creative” text I quoted in my last post, and thinking about it a lot. One element of it has really stuck in my head: Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb. You may never … [Read more…]

One More Notch

Well, I was able to tightened up my belt one further notch this morning, so that's another inch or so off the waistline. Nice to have some validation that the lifestyle change is continuing to have a positive effect. The outside is coming along well, now it's (past) time to start paying better attention to … [Read more…]

My Messy Shelves

I spent some time looking at the shelves in my apartment last night, observing what a mess they are. There are things on them that just don't belong there. There are other things that (perhaps) belong on there but are on the wrong shelf. Things are scattered about randomly and without order, or when there … [Read more…]

Still Losing Weight

My original weight loss goal had been 40 pounds, but I plateaued at 30 a few weeks back so decided the "diet" was over. I've completely and permanently changed my eating habits, and I know what I can eat and how much of it. Those changes are for good, but I did stop keeping a … [Read more…]

A Second Try At Hibernation

Well, I had planned on having a bit of hibernation last night, but it was not to be. I usually go out after work every Friday and meet some friends at a local bar, but I got off work early this week and decided to instead go home and relax for an evening of doing … [Read more…]

Indulging In Music Gear Geekery

The NAMM convention is this weekend, which means there should be some cool new music gear announcements coming up. So you’ll have to excuse me if I go into full geek mode for a couple days and ramble on about music software and hardware. :-) Ableton have already announced two new versions of Live. There’s … [Read more…]

Go New Horizons!

Nice to see NASA's New Horizons probe has finally launched and begun it's journey to Pluto. I'm personally very excited to finally learn more about mysterious Pluto, even if I will have to wait until 2015 (when the probe's 9 year journey is complete.) Even though I'm of the crowd that doesn't consider Pluto a … [Read more…]

Apparently My iPod Really Likes Erasure

I’ve got this smart playlist on my iPod that picks a couple hundred random tracks from my iTunes library and copies them to my iPod each day, which I then let the iPod play through randomly. My own personal radio station, if you will. And it’s set to only pick songs that I haven’t played … [Read more…]

A Little Extra Soreness Today

I guess I did a little better with the exercises last night as I'm actually a little sore today. I still don't think I'm doing enough, but I'll work up to it. Right now, I'm still in the experimental phase (and focused very specifically on my mid-section, as that's where I tend to carry my … [Read more…]

Not Sore Enough

I finally got started on an exercise routine last night, and I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that I'm not really that sore today. Not really sore at all, in fact. I was hurting last night, but today I'm fine. Certainly a sign that I didn't push myself nearly hard enough. I guess I'll … [Read more…]

New Track: Sanity Fair

I won’t try to claim any deep or personal meaning to this track, it’s just some good old thumping Detroit-style techno. I’d clearly been listening to too much Jeff Mills and Robert Hood before I wrote this. Guilty as charged. :-) I also had a little help on this one, my friend Jim (aka ) … [Read more…]

My iPod Is Feeling Very Punk

The random playlist on my iPod has been really punk heavy the last couple days for whatever reason. The Germs, The Exploited, Bad Religion, Fugazi, DRI, The Misfits, The Cro-Mags, Buzzcocks. Some of this stuff I haven’t listened to in years, nice to re-discover it. Of course, as I’ve been typing this it’s picked “Dance … [Read more…]

Best. FoxTrot. Ever.

If you read today’s edition of the comic strip FoxTrot, there’s actually an easter egg hidden in it. Take the binary data shown in the strip and convert it to traditional numbers, then look up the associated characters for those values in ASCII: 01011001 = 89 = Y 01001111 = 79 = O 01010101 = … [Read more…]