Things I Won’t Miss

Well, I have the keys to the new apartment now. The phone is already switched over to the new place, the electric is switching over today, my mail switches over tomorrow, the paper switches on Sunday. 95% of what can be packed is packed. I’m ready to go! With all that, I’ve gotten to thinking … [Read more…]

Ooo… Another Notch!

I realized this morning that I could tighten up my belt yet another, third notch. I’m not doing so due to the fact that most of my pants are now way too big in the waist, and would bunch up too much if I did. But, if I had pants that fit, I could go … [Read more…]

The New Beginning

I spent some time, as I promised myself, meditating and self-analyzing on my impending move, and it's place as part of a greater new beginning for me. I've been going through a lot of changes over the last six months or so, I feel like a very different person now that I was then, inside … [Read more…]


…coffee buzz! Bing! The high I’m getting off of a cup of coffee proves (to me at least) how different the caffeine in tea is to other forms. I drink several cups of tea every day, and never get any kind of buzz from it. (Actually, if you want to be pedantic, it’s really not … [Read more…]

Damn, I’m Tired Today

I was up until almost 2am last night finishing up most of the packing, and my body woke me up at the usual 6am this morning, and was having nothing to do with trying to go back to sleep for a little while longer. Going on lots of walks, blasting Soulfly on the iPod, and … [Read more…]

Pretty Much Packed Now

Well, that’s just about done. Pretty much everything I can pack has been packed. Nothing much left but the food, some kitchenware and dishes, my computers, clothes, bathroom stuff, and that’s about it. Pretty damn good considering I only started less than a week ago! Strangely, I’m feeling a little sad about it all now. … [Read more…]

Great New Music

Came across some great new music last night. I had actually heard about them a couple months back, but just finally got around to checking them out yesterday. The group is called Konono No. 1, and they’re a group of musicians from the Congo in Africa. It’s rooted in more traditional African-style music, but offers … [Read more…]

I Heart Nintendo

First off, they've officially begun releasing the popular Japanese "brain games" here in the states. These are games that provide you a variety of different mental exercises and challenges to help keep your brain in shape. Most even go so far as to grade you and track your progress. I've been drooling over these ever … [Read more…]

Ummm… Ew.

After disconnecting and packing away all my racks of music gear, I realized that they had been there for a couple years now and left the carpet and shelves behind them inaccessible and, therefore, un-cleanable. Boy, was it filthy back there. It went beyond dust bunnies. It had become a full-blown dust colony. The dust … [Read more…]

Strange Things I’ve Found

With all the packing going on this week, I’m going through old boxes of stuff and throwing tons of stuff out. So, I thought I’d keep a list of some of the strange things I found. Who knows what madness took me when I decided to keep any of this stuff… My old CompUSA name … [Read more…]

Slacking On The Meditation

Between Oblivion and getting ready for the move, I realized that I’ve only meditated a couple times in the last week or so. I can feel the difference. I’m not as mindful, more stressed out, less happy. I feel shallow, like I’ve lost my soul. The change is striking and obvious, to me at least. … [Read more…]

So Much For Kicking The Habit

Well… I got off work early again yesterday and spent another 3-4 hours last night playing Oblivion. I also woke up really early today and had some time to kill, so I played for about an hour again this morning. It’s official. I’m hooked. Addicted, even. Man, this game is huge. With the amount of … [Read more…]

Much Better Now

Thanks to a dead DVD drive, I had to run to Best Buy today anyway, so I picked up an extra gig of RAM while I was there. Damn, that made all the difference in the world with Oblivion. No more lag or temporarily abysmal framerates moving from area to area. Runs like a dream … [Read more…]

Whither Daniel Bell?

What happened to Daniel Bell? He seems to have disappeared for the last couple years. His last completely new release was the Subterranean 12″ in 1998!? There was the Squirrel Bait 12″ (which was all older tracks) that accompanied his Blip Blurp Bleep greatest hits CD in 2003, The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back mix CD … [Read more…]

Moving On Up!

Finally broke down today and decided to move to a new, bigger apartment. Going from one bedroom to two, so I'll finally have a dedicated computer room and some room to breathe! It's just a different apartment in the same complex, so I'm only moving all of about 1,000 feet or so. *laugh* Should make … [Read more…]