A Memo To All Techno Artists

Attention all techno artists… Stop singing. Please. Unless you are absolutely positively 110% sure you actually have any ability to sing, don't. Your atonal or, even worse, completely out of key mumbling over the top of your songs is ruining them. It sounds like shit and makes you come off like a pretentious, trendy tit. … [Read more…]

I Guess I’m Kinda Committed Now…

I’ve now spent many hundreds of dollars on mountaineering gear, so I guess I’m kinda committed to taking my trip and giving it a try now. It’s mostly just clothing so far, I got most of my layers and my shell, but I’m still in for almost a grand now. Yikes! I am starting to … [Read more…]

Okay, I Suck At Arrangements

I pretty much already knew this, but I’m realizing again that I really suck at arranging my music. I’ve got a stack of about a half-dozen (or so) decent songs that I just can’t get done. Mind you, whether or not they actually turn out good or not is very dependent on whether or not … [Read more…]

Just About A Perfect Day

If I've had a better day in a long time, I can't remember it. Shopping for mountaineering gear. Hanging out at Starbucks and talking about creativity and inspiration. Taking a walk in the park and talking about mountaineering. Sitting at the bookstore and talking about meditation and spirituality. Dinner at Taza, talking about more of … [Read more…]

Re-Discovering Techno?

For whatever reason, I've been back listening to techno this week. I'm still listening to a lot of other stuff, mostly on the heavy side, but techno seems to have found it's way back into my rotation. Mostly just deeper/minimal stuff, but it's the first time I've listened to anything techno-related with any regularity in … [Read more…]

Re-Thinking The NAS

Lost among all the iPhone & Apple TV hype was the release of Apple's new Airport Extreme wireless router. Not only does it support the uber-fast draft 802.11n spec (which, it turns out, all of Apple's recent Core 2-based laptops had 802.11n cards pretending to be 802.11g cards, requiring only a firmware update to enable) … [Read more…]

I’m Back? Kinda…

So, where have I been? I woke up New Years Day and felt like my every single aspect of my life was a complete and total failure. I'd never, in all my years, has such an overwhelming sense of absolute dissatisfaction over everything I was doing, top to bottom. My career was in the toilet. … [Read more…]

Apparantly I Get Migraines Now

For the third or fourth time in the last year, I started having strange problems with my vision tonight. In one of my eyes I would get this curving and zig-zagging shimmering line. It would start out as a small spot and eventually, over the course of about an hour or so, take over most … [Read more…]

Cleaning Up My Music Folder

Currently, my music folder is a mess. It's filled with close to 200 songs in various states of completion. Some of them are done, most of them are works-in-progress. So I'm begun the process of working my way back through it all to finally clean it all up and get it organized. Right now it's … [Read more…]

Wow, I’d Forgotten…

It's been so long since I just sat and listened to the rain, that I'd forgotten how wonderfully peaceful it can be. It makes me believe I'm taking he right path by pulling back and going off-line for a while. I would certainly have missed out on this experience had I been at a bar … [Read more…]

Climbing That Mountain

I Spent some time over the weekend, and again today, researching places to go to get trained at mountaineering. I’ve found a few interesting places that over training and guided expeditions, some quite affordable. I plan to start small, and work my way up. My goal is to make my first trip out before winter … [Read more…]