Westmost Peninsula Is The Secret

I called the Los Angeles office for the company I've been doing contract/consulting work though off and on for the last five years, just to see how the market was out there. Things are apparently hopping out there, they're putting people to work as quickly as they can find them. Pretty much all I'd need … [Read more…]

Damn You, Grand Theft Auto!

I knew it would happen, but I still gleefully ran to the local video game outlet last Tuesday and purchased the PC version of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas the day it came out anyway. The GTA series is such potent video game crack that I didn't even hesitate to buy a DVD-ROM drive for my … [Read more…]

Windows On Mac?

There’s one under-reported bit of information buried in yesterday’s Apple/Intel announcement that could be potentially huge. To quote Apple’s vice president of worldwide Mac product marketing, David Moody: “We will not sell or support Windows, but we are not doing anything in the hardware that would preclude someone from using it.” This opens up the … [Read more…]

Apple Goes Intel

Apple today announced it was switching from IBM's PowerPC chips to Intel's Pentium line. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it'll be a make-or-break decision for Apple. If the transition goes smoothly, it could being a lot of new users and developers to the Macintosh platform. If it's at all … [Read more…]