One Step Closer To A MacBook Pro

This week, I got the check from the freelance project I sacrificed so much sleep over a couple weeks back. I should have another check from a different project within the next week or so as well. Between the two of them, it's more than enough to buy a MacBook Pro and the required accessories … [Read more…]

Don’t You Hate It When…

Don't you hate it when you're having a really good dream, and you're just getting to the really good part of that really good dream, and your alarm goes off…

Practicing What I Preach?

For all the grumbling I've done lately about how bored I am with the uber-minimal techno that's all the rage in Berlin lately, I just sat down and wrote a big, steaming slice of it myself. As much as I contradict myself there though, I've also gone on and on about following one's muse, not … [Read more…]

An Early Christmas Present For Myself

Though I usually avoid black Friday shopping like the black plague, I nonetheless found myself at the local Guitar Center first thing this morning and just couldn't resist buying myself a little early Christmas present while I was there. So I picked myself up a new Jackson guitar. I've been wanting to pick up a … [Read more…]

Two Cool Skinny Puppy Things

I was going through some of my old bookmarks, and came across one for Litany, a news site for Skinny Puppy and related side projects, and came across a couple cool things. First, I had no idea that Skinny Puppy were even working on a new album (I kinda expected 2004's The Greater Wrong Of … [Read more…]

What Happened To That Whole “Sleep” Thing?

I had hoped to finally get some proper rest this weekend after my lack of sleep throughout the week last week, but it never seemed to happen. I was up before 8am both Saturday and Sunday. I was up until around midnight Saturday, falling asleep on the couch watching Dirty Jobs sometime between 11pm and … [Read more…]

A Little iPod Scare

I got a little scare from my iPod this morning when it appeared to have died. I went to use it in the car this morning, and it wouldn't boot. It would show the black boot up screen with the Apple logo, and then the screen would get all garbled and it would shut off. … [Read more…]

They’re Paying Me To Do This?

I got to spend all afternoon playing around with an iPod Nano & iTunes, and I got paid for it! One of our clients wanted to ship the iPod to one of their clients loaded with a bunch of their podcasts on it. Thing is, they weren't really podcasts, but just a bunch of random … [Read more…]

Hard To Pass That Up

I've got a freelance gig that I'm starting this week, pretty basic front-end coding stuff, a dozen or so static HTML pages with consistent layout/page elements. Originally, the code was to be delivered on November 27th, which would have given me more than enough time to get everything done. But, they really want the code … [Read more…]

Okat, That Hurts

Apparently I fell asleep in a really bad position last night, because my back is giving me all kinds of problems today. Every time I go from a sitting to standing position (or even just bend over) I get a really painful spasm in the middle of my spine. I was hoping it would go … [Read more…]

Damn It, I’m Hooked

Well, it's official. I've become a junkie for The Office. I love this damn show. I swore I'd never get hooked on network television after Buffy and Angel ended, but I got sucked back in. This show is so damn good, hilarious and sappily melodramatic at the same time. (And, if you watch the show, … [Read more…]