Losing the Muse

I sat down again last night to try and work on some new music. Once again, the result was the same: I felt like I just don’t “have it” anymore. Whatever “it” is. Not only was nothing much usable coming out of it, I wasn’t enjoying doing it either. Which is very unusual for me, … [Read more…]

New Track: Preludes

Thematically, this one is about feeling like you’re on the cusp of great change. Like you’re reading the prelude to a new book, getting ready to dig into the pages to follow and explore what there is to experience. I’m feeling a lot of this in my life right now, like I’ll be a very … [Read more…]

New Track: Grind

I just realized I hadn’t posted my newest track (almost three weeks ago now) here, so here it is: This track was an attempt to break out of the usual linear, loopy techno-style arrangement, and use more of a traditional verse/chorus structure. I still kept some of that gradual building of elements, so I’ve ended … [Read more…]

More On The Right Brain

I’ve been thinking more about the right brain/creative energies topic I wrote about last week, digging a bit deeper that I had before. I’m realizing there’s more to keeping those energies flowing than just “meditate more.” Or maybe there’s less to it? As I said before, the key is to keep the brain exercised and … [Read more…]

Rediscovering Buddha – And The Right Brain

I haven’t written about Buddhism or meditation in quite a while here. For that matter, I haven’t been writing much of anything here lately. There’s a reason for that-it’s because I haven’t been practicing at all. I’ve completely fallen off that wagon. I haven’t meditated in over a year, I don’t read any books about … [Read more…]

New Track: Universal Disconnect

It’s time to let this one go. I’ve been sitting on it since some time in January, feeling it to be to imperfect and trying too hard to “get it right”. The theme for this one was feeling disconnected from the universe, floating around out in the void alone and removed. At this point, I’ve … [Read more…]

Re-Thinking My Career

I realized recently that I've lost all my passion for graphic/web design. That moment of realization occurred a couple months back, during a reunion of some former co-workers. Back when we all worked together, I was the Macromedia Flash guy. I knew the program in and out, spent a good chunk of my free time … [Read more…]

Okay, I Suck At Arrangements

I pretty much already knew this, but I’m realizing again that I really suck at arranging my music. I’ve got a stack of about a half-dozen (or so) decent songs that I just can’t get done. Mind you, whether or not they actually turn out good or not is very dependent on whether or not … [Read more…]

I’m Back? Kinda…

So, where have I been? I woke up New Years Day and felt like my every single aspect of my life was a complete and total failure. I'd never, in all my years, has such an overwhelming sense of absolute dissatisfaction over everything I was doing, top to bottom. My career was in the toilet. … [Read more…]

New Track: Poverty Of Self

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.” -May Sarton That pretty much sums up the mindset behind this track. My struggle with crossing too far over that line from solitude to loneliness, something I’ve grappled with far too much with lately. This is about finding where that line even is, … [Read more…]

Practicing What I Preach?

For all the grumbling I've done lately about how bored I am with the uber-minimal techno that's all the rage in Berlin lately, I just sat down and wrote a big, steaming slice of it myself. As much as I contradict myself there though, I've also gone on and on about following one's muse, not … [Read more…]

Hard To Pass That Up

I've got a freelance gig that I'm starting this week, pretty basic front-end coding stuff, a dozen or so static HTML pages with consistent layout/page elements. Originally, the code was to be delivered on November 27th, which would have given me more than enough time to get everything done. But, they really want the code … [Read more…]