Halo Addendum

I just finished up the single player portion of Halo, and it disappointed me even more as I went on. Mostly because it fell into an old trap: rather than come up with clever or interesting ways to make the game difficult or challenging as things went on, they just went for an old standby: … [Read more…]

Halo? I Just Don’t Get It.

I'm playing through the PC version of Halo right now, and it makes me want to ask: Why is this game such the blockbuster hit for the X-Box? Are there really that few good titles for the X-Box that this is considered a standout? Now, I wouldn't say Halo is bad necessarily, it's just unremarkable. … [Read more…]

In A Rut

I am, by my nature, a creature of habit. It’s the way I’ve always been, and is probably how I’ll always be. Generally, I consider my habitual behavior to be a positive. I have a certain way of doing things, or a certain time for doing them, and I fall into those methods fairly quickly … [Read more…]