Regarding That Job Offer

It took longer than anticipated while they debated over how much vacation time I’d get and whether or not my job title would have the “senior” appelation added to it, but I finally got my official offer letter week before last. (Yeah, I’m way behind on this whole blogging thing. *laugh*) The salary was lower … [Read more…]

Logic Pro, Back From The Dead.

Whoa, Logic isn't dead after all. But it might as well be, it's still dead to me. From a quick glance through the manual for the just-announced Logic 8, it looks like you still can't record the output of a software instrument other than bouncing to disk, and you still have to go into the … [Read more…]

Let’s Get Cynical

Talking with a co-worker yesterday, an interesting theory came about regarding apple's iPhone fubar. Pretend you're Apple. The iPhone comes out, and is the hottest thing on the market for a few weeks. Then, sales drop. Precipitously. You need to rescue the device's moribund sales. What do you do? You slash prices. Dramatically. You know … [Read more…]

Other Corporate Shenanigans

Time Warner Cable is officially being kicked to the curb. I let them jerk me around for 6 weeks waiting for an HD cable box, now they’re trying to jerk me around on Cable Cards for my Tivo HD. So I called their competitor, Wide Open West, today. Pricing is about the same, I get … [Read more…]

Making It Right. Mostly.

“We have decided to offer every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store.” Nice work guys. Still, it's disillusioning that … [Read more…]

On A Less Bitchy Note…

I'm told I will be receiving an official offer letter from the company I'm contracting with tomorrow. I told them up front I'd only be willing to consider an offer if it was competitive with my current hourly rate, so here's hoping they don't low ball me. I went this route with this same company … [Read more…]

An Open Letter To Apple

Dear Apple, Inc., I go into the purchase of a new product, particularly a brand new one, knowing full well that a price drop is an inescapable eventuality. I knew the iPhone I paid $600 would certainly be dropped in price, expectedly by the Christmas shopping season. I accept this, and live with the extra … [Read more…]