Off To Nepal!

Things have just about come together for the Everest Trek 2009. My duffel is packed with 5 pounds to spare, and I have everything I need. Busy topping off all my batteries today, then I just need to get my hair cut later tonight, do some laundry, and then get my daypack loaded for the … [Read more…]

The Big Announcement

I’ve hinted at it a bit in some previous posts, but I’ve had a big announcement I’ve been saving up for a while and I figure it’s past time to make it public now. I am going to Everest! I will be spending 3 weeks hiking from Kathmandu, Nepal to base camp at Everest. But, … [Read more…]

One Thousand Words About Mountaineering

I could try and explain the allure I’ve found in climbing, but I’d ultimately fall short of expressing it as well as this photo does. Setting aside all the unquantifiables that come from the experience, there it is in vivid color. Just glance at it and appreciate it on the surface, or dig deeper into … [Read more…]

What’s That In The Air?

Okay, those were most certainly snow flakes I saw in the air today. I have to admit, I’m rather looking forward to winter this year. I’ve always been more of a cold weather person, what with growing up in Cleveland and all, but I seem to prefer it more and more as the years go … [Read more…]

Climbing That Mountain, Part 2

Yesterday there was a blizzard, today it’s raining. It’s like Cleveland, that. First lesson? A foot of fresh, thickly packed snow makes things really difficult. Hiking, climbing, all of it. Heh, like I needed the extra challenge. *laugh* Today was spent on one of the smaller climbing areas, learning to do everything. Well, not everything, … [Read more…]

Climbing That Mountain, Part 1: Addendum

Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to mention before… As I got further and further, the mountains got bigger and bigger. I was looking at some of the particularly large ones, pondering their size. Then I realized, none of these even had peaks above the treeline. So those monsters were smaller than the mountain … [Read more…]

Climbing That Mountain, Part 1

Why do my trips always seem to start so stressfully? I originally planned to leave work by 3:00-3:30 yesterday, so that I'd have time to get home, eat dinner, load up the car, and get on the road by 5:00 at the latest. And be able to do so in a leisurely and relaxed manner. … [Read more…]

Warmer Is Good

The summit conditions on Mt. Washington have improved quite a bit this week, and hopefully it holds until next weekend. Right now is 11°F with 37.1mph winds and a wind chill of -12.8°F, and it’s been right around that all week. Much more my livable than the near-Everest conditions last week! As I am now … [Read more…]

Oh Dear, It’s A Bit Cold, Innit?

I just checked the summit conditions on Mt. Washington right now, this is roughly the same time of day I’ll be reaching the summit in a couple weeks, so it’s probably a good gauge of what I’ve got ahead of me. Currently the temperature is -2.9°F with 65.7mph winds, gusting to 82.9mph. That’s a wind … [Read more…]

I Guess I’m Kinda Committed Now…

I’ve now spent many hundreds of dollars on mountaineering gear, so I guess I’m kinda committed to taking my trip and giving it a try now. It’s mostly just clothing so far, I got most of my layers and my shell, but I’m still in for almost a grand now. Yikes! I am starting to … [Read more…]