The new Tool is sooooo fucking good… Good enough to forgive them for leaving me waiting five damn years for it. It’ll even help me miss A Perfect Circle just a little less. Nice to see someone is still writing albums and not just collections of songs, the whole thing makes sense as a cohesive … [Read more…]

Jumpy Lately

I’ve noticed I’m a lot jumpier lately than I used to be. Not something over just a few weeks either, it’s been over a number of months now. Car horns, loud noises, and other things like that make me jump a little bit now, where they used to have little or no effect on me … [Read more…]

Waking Up Early

For whatever reason, I woke up really early both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. Where I normally don’t wake up until 9:30-10:00 on weekends, I was up at 7:30 on Saturday and 7:00 on Sunday. It’s amazing how much longer the weekend felt just from waking up earlier. And, to be pedantic, it actually … [Read more…]

O Muse, Thou Art Sick…

I fired up the sequencer and worked on some music today (nothing very good, natch) for the first time in ages. As I checked the date of the last file I worked on, I discovered it’s been over a month. And it’s not a case of working on a bunch of stuff and not saving … [Read more…]

I Love The Rain

I’ve spent most of the last hour or so watching and listening to the rain. Mostly listening. The rain creates such a wonderful white noise that drowns out all the other little sounds of the world, good and bad. There’s such a great neutrality to it all. Plus, it’s such a source of life. The … [Read more…]


As was predicted, my teeth are really cold sensitive today. They were yesterday as well, but it’s really bad today. I took a swig from my icy cold bottle of water on the way to work today and almost jumped out my seat and/or drove off into a ditch! Yikes! Should only last a day … [Read more…]

That Wasn’t So Bad

I had the first of my two dentist’s appointments today, and it was much easier (and faster) than I had been anticipating. Either dentistry has really changed since my last visit (admittedly more than 10 years ago, shameful, I know) or my old dentist was a sadistic bastard, because I felt pretty much no pain … [Read more…]

Embracing Sleeplessness

I have issues with falling to sleep. It takes me a very long time, about an hour from the time I get into bed until I actually fall asleep, on average. Some nights, much longer. I’ve been known to lay in bed for hours and be unable to get to sleep, and many times do … [Read more…]

Good And Bad Music News

The good? The new Tool record, 10,000 Days will be released May 2nd! Just over two weeks to go! The first single, Vicarious, is already floating around, and it is incredible! I’m completely blown away by it. The bad? Maynard stated in an interview that A Perfect Circle is all but dead. No plans on … [Read more…]

Don’t Hate Me, But…

I’m actually consciously trying to not lose weight any more, and I can’t. The pounds just keep dropping off, albeit slowly now. I weighed myself this morning and discovered I’d lost a further 4 pounds over the last 3 weeks or so, bringing the total loss up to 44 pounds now. I’m really not trying … [Read more…]

On Creativity

I’ve managed to make the time a couple days this week to sit down and mess around with my MachineDrum this week. I’ve still not entirely re-discovered that creative fuel that I lost, but it’s a start. I’ve challenged myself to write a song using nothing but the MD, try to pull forth some unknown … [Read more…]

Such A Beautiful Day!

Could it be a more wonderful day out today? I decided to take my time and take the long way into work today and drove through the park with the sunroof open and the radio off, listening to the winds and the birds. So peaceful… I think I found another little piece of my missing … [Read more…]


Just a quick addendum to that last post… Those little things you enjoy, playing a video game, reading a book, watching a television show… they may not be so little after all. Something as simple as playing Oblivion led to a thought train that brought about all the ideas in my last post. Even the … [Read more…]