New Track: Poverty Of Self

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.” -May Sarton That pretty much sums up the mindset behind this track. My struggle with crossing too far over that line from solitude to loneliness, something I’ve grappled with far too much with lately. This is about finding where that line even is, … [Read more…]

Hrm… What To Do?

I mentioned in my previous post that there's still a couple of things I'm not sure about how to deal with in transitioning from my desktop G5 to my MacBook Pro laptop. This means it's time to ramble on about Macs again! Sitting down and typing all this stuff out usually helps me organize my … [Read more…]

MacBook Pro Impressions

Speaking of $3,000 manifestations of unhappiness… *laugh* I'm really impressed with my new MacBook Pro so far. It's not without it's flaws, but it's overall the nicest computer I've ever owned. Certainly the first (and perhaps only?) time I've ever bought the current top-of-the-line (read: most expensive) Mac one could buy. It's fast. Damn fast. … [Read more…]

Where Has My Time And Energy Gone?

Lately, it seems like I never have enough time to do everything I need/want to do. My energy to do the things I have time to do seems much less as well. I'm waking up late, I'm dragging fairly regularly, and I always feel like I'm one step behind. Am I trying to do more … [Read more…]

Buyer’s Remorse? Yeah, I Have A Little

I finally did it yesterday. I bought the 17″ MacBook Pro I've been gearlusting after all these weeks. (Which hopefully means I'll stop cluttering up this blog with all these MacBook postings. *laugh*) I'm already feeling a bit of that buyer's remorse after making such a mojor purchase. Thinking about all the other things I … [Read more…]

“Significant Find” Indeed

It would seem NASA weren't exaggerating when they said they were going to announce a “significant find” on Mars today. They've photographed strong evidence of liquid water on Mars! It appears to be coming from an underground source of some kind, and flowing out onto the surface. Due to the thin atmosphere and cold temperatures … [Read more…]

I’m Going To Mars!

Okay, I'm not actually going to Mars, but my name is! As a donor to and member of the Planetary Society, my name is being included on the DVD to accompany the Phoenix lander to Mars in 2008. It will contain a lot of Mars-related material, including messages from Carl Sagan and Arthur Clarke, Orson … [Read more…]

Still Drooling Over A New Mac

I cam across a link to this screencast this morning, and now I've got a case of gearlust for a new Intel Mac all the more! It shows a couple of the new features for the new version of virtualization software Parallels. First, if you've used Apple's Boot Camp to dual boot the mac, you … [Read more…]