Weight Loss Update

Things are dead at work this week, so I'm off today (and likely will only be working part time until July, when the company's new fiscal year begins) and decided to get out and finally buy myself some new clothes. This trip was focused on the casual stuff, comfortable summer clothes (mostly to prepare for … [Read more…]

Horse Wine

Isn't it funny how sometimes the strangest things can trigger memories? I'm fascinated by the way our brains can connect the dots between two seemingly dissimilar things. Like how trying to pick out a bottle of wine can remind me of connecting on a deep level for the first time with a close friend. I … [Read more…]

About The Wind

It's a rather windy day here today, a storm front blew through earlier and the air remains unsettled. I've been observing and thinking about the wind for a while today. Wind is such a powerful force. It can tear the limbs from trees, even topple whole trees themselves. It shapes the dunes of the world's … [Read more…]

What I Did The Last Two Nights

I spent most of last night and tonight cleaning my mom's laptop of viruses, spyware, malware, and all other manner of nasty crap. There was one particularly nasty piece of malware called PestTrap that installs itself via an IE security hole (simply by visiting a web site) and then pretends to be an anti-spyware package. … [Read more…]

Why The Rush?

I've been noticing a lot lately that so many people always seem in such a hurry, whether it be in traffic, walking down the street, waiting in line, or whatever else they may be doing. It makes me wonder why they're always in such a hurry to get to what's next, especially at the expense … [Read more…]

A Few Sites I’m Digging Lately

Zaadz It's a sort of community site for the spiritual. It seems to have a heavy Zen/Buddhist slant, which is just fine with me. *smile* I haven't had as much time as I like to participate in the discussions there, but it seems really interesting. I've also starting mirroring the more spiritually-oriented posting from this … [Read more…]

Today’s New Musical Re-discovery

Today, courtesy of my new hotness iPod, I’ve re-discovered Suicidal Tendencies. Strictly the old stuff, when they were at their best. Brings back so many memories of being young and dumb, like skating around town with the Join The Army cassette in my Walkman and, when Possessed To Skate would come on, getting the wild … [Read more…]

I Heart My New iPod

I finally had to break down this weekend and buy a new iPod, picking up a nice, big 60GB model. My old 5GB iPod finally broke down, so it was time. Technically, it still works, but the FireWire port went bad so I can't sync or charge it anymore. Much as I kinda miss my … [Read more…]

Something I Learned Today

I’ve simply gotten too old for blasting Slayer all day. I did listen to some Slayer today, but it didn’t take long to switch over to something a little lighter. Like, say, Cibo Matto.

Don’t Forget…

Just a reminder that tomorrow, 6-6-06, is the National Day Of Slayer, so crank ’em if you got ’em. : ) (And yes, I realize this is completely antithetical to my post about “too much noise” from yesterday. Sue me.)

Too Much Noise

Why has it become so hard to enjoy any peace and quiet? People seem to feel this need to surround themselves with as much noise as they can at any given moment. Booming car stereos shaking everything around you. Loud motorcycles crackling through the streets. Car engines gunning their way from red light to red … [Read more…]

Another Miscellanea Post

Another Miscellanea Post First bit… I’ve gotten a chance to listen to the new Ministy record, Rio Grande Blood a few times now, and I’m quite impressed. That’s two good ones in a row for Al! He seems to be going back and re-making his most successful records in order. 2004’s Houses of the Mole … [Read more…]

Hooray For Me!

Well, it’s official, the reservations are made and paid for. I’m finally taking the retreat I’ve been blathering on about for months now. I haven’t booked my plane tickets yet, but I’ll get that taken care of next week. And so the traveling and vacation-taking begins! Even better, this means I get to see my … [Read more…]