Warmer Is Good

The summit conditions on Mt. Washington have improved quite a bit this week, and hopefully it holds until next weekend. Right now is 11°F with 37.1mph winds and a wind chill of -12.8°F, and it’s been right around that all week. Much more my livable than the near-Everest conditions last week! As I am now … [Read more…]

More Tivo Errata

It would seem the Tivo is trying it's hardest to convince me to dump the service and move to a Myth TV box. After the debacle earlier in the week, where it filled up the hard drive with a seemingly endless stream of soap operas via Tivo Suggestions, I'm already a bit irritated with it. … [Read more…]

Hopping On The HD Bandwagon?

I've been thinking a lot lately about finally making the move to HD. I've got a number of reasons why, a number of stumbling blocks making me continue to hesitate, and some possible solutions towards overcoming those hang-ups. First, the reasons why… My current (and very old) standard def television is on it's last legs. … [Read more…]

Re-Thinking My Career

I realized recently that I've lost all my passion for graphic/web design. That moment of realization occurred a couple months back, during a reunion of some former co-workers. Back when we all worked together, I was the Macromedia Flash guy. I knew the program in and out, spent a good chunk of my free time … [Read more…]

My Tivo Has Lost It’s Mind

Usually, my Tivo only records one or two “suggestions” each day, I've had it long enough that it's gotten pretty well trained. Until today, that is. Over the last 24 hours or so it recorded about 20 new suggestions, and most of it makes no sense at all. It recorded ballroom dancing, a biopic on … [Read more…]

What!? A New Nine Inch Nails Album?

It appears Trent Reznor has a new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero, set for release in April. Two years between NIN albums is unheard of, positively prolific for Trent. More interestingly, he's indulging in some of the most well-crafted viral marketing I've seen to promote it. There's a forum post here explaining the whole … [Read more…]

Oh Dear, It’s A Bit Cold, Innit?

I just checked the summit conditions on Mt. Washington right now, this is roughly the same time of day I’ll be reaching the summit in a couple weeks, so it’s probably a good gauge of what I’ve got ahead of me. Currently the temperature is -2.9°F with 65.7mph winds, gusting to 82.9mph. That’s a wind … [Read more…]

New Skinny Puppy!

After resigning myself to the fact that I would never get another Skinny Puppy album after Dwayne Goettel's death, I was pleasantly surprised when cEvin and Ogre got back together and released The Greater Wrong Of The Right in 2004. Even better, they're sticking with it and continuing to make music together. The new record, … [Read more…]

So Much For Episodic Gaming

I read today that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 has been delayed again. Considering that the whole point behind Valve's switch to episodic gaming was so that they could release new content on a regular basis, they've kinda screwed the pooch now in that regard. 6-8 Hours of gaming unpredictably every year-and-a-half to two years is … [Read more…]

ZOMG! It’s A Festival Of 313!

I was digging through E-Music last night, as it was the last day of the month and I hadn't used any of my 40 downloads for January yet. So it was use 'em or lose 'em yesterday. Having, for the first time in ages, been back in a techno mood lately I browsed through the … [Read more…]