The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 127

I appear only briefly in this week’s episode, and didn’t participate in the commentary for it, so it’s a little trickier than normal to come with something to write about this week. I’ve already written a bit about communicating back with the world and being off the grid, but there’s probably room to expand upon that. So, here we go…

The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 124

This was a day of changes. From the temperatures, to the terrain, to the altitude, to the moods, this day ended very differently than it began. I found this to be the point at which it really began to feel like an Everest trek. This was more like what might pop into your head when you think of hiking in the Himalayas.

Reflections On 2009

While I’m not normally one to be a slave to the calendar, I do still find myself to be enjoying the occasional reflective, introspective flight of fancy. So, with that, I’m looking back at the year that was 2009. Some of this may repeat from the look back I did mid-year, but my perspective has changed enough since then that I hope not too much.