Sid Meier Gets Me Again

After trying out the demo yesterday, I had to go out and buy Sid Meier's Railroads today. Sid got me with the Civilization series, especially Civ IV, and he got me back in the day with the Railroad Tycoon series. So when Sid made a new train/railroad sim I pretty much knew I was going … [Read more…]

A Good Sign, I Guess…

Yeah, Robot Chicken can still make me smile, laugh even, so things must not be as bad as it seemed last night. Still feeling pretty down, just not so hopeless any more. (Oh yeah, Dogma is cracking me up pretty well right now too.) I will say though, that with two of my three siblings … [Read more…]

Oh Dear, I’m Gearlusting Again

With yesterday's update to Apple's MacBook Pro line I've got the worst case of gearlust I've had in a really long time. I want a 17″ MacBook Pro so bad I can taste it right now. *laugh* I just submitted an invoice for some freelance work I did over the summer, which would be enough … [Read more…]

More Snow?

Yep, definitely snowing again. I could stand here and shake my fist at the little white flakes and curse the onset of winter, but what would that really serve? May as well accept that it's that time of year. I'm feeling in a rather wintery mood recently anyway. *shrug*

What’s Up With My Tivo?

I woke up this morning to find that my Tivo had recorded about 10 hours worth of stuff from HGTV. It's never recorded anything like that before, I haven't been watching or recording anything like that, so what made it decide I wanted to watch that stuff? And it hasn't recorded that many programs on … [Read more…]

Another Boring Game Post

I'm not sure what possessed me to do so, but I started playing The Sims 2 again. I've managed to get hooked, nay obsessed, again. Not really playing the game as intended, but just having fun building these huge houses filled with bling in empty lots. *laugh* I guess it helps keep me from going … [Read more…]

Too Many RPGs!

I'm looking at the schedule of upcoming game releases, and it would seem we're going into RPG season. Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic comes out on Tuesday, Neverwinter Nights 2 comes out next Tuesday, and both Gothic 3 and Final Fantasy III for the DS come out two weeks after that. Sheesh, too many … [Read more…]

Gah! I’m Going In Circles!

I got a call from my boss at my last job this morning, and it turns out the other designer there put in his two weeks notice on Friday, so now she wants me to come back! I won't be going back until after he leaves, and it might only be 25-30 hours each week … [Read more…]


What a fun night! Dinner with friends. (Okay, the food sucked, but the friends part was good!) Went to see Spamalot (Funniest. Play. Ever.) Now I’m home and my Tivo has dutifully recorded My Name Is Earl and The Office for me, which I will now watch before settling into bed and doing a little … [Read more…]

Snow? Already?

Yes, those are most definitely snow flakes fluttering about outside my window. I'm really not sure I'm ready for winter just yet, but I don't appear to have much choice in the matter. I really need to get out and buy some warmer winter clothes soon, most of my cold weather gear just doesn't fit … [Read more…]

Mmm… Clean Install

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I've undertaken the project of wiping clean my Mac and re-installing everything. The system has been acting very sluggish, windows have started forgetting their settings, along with a myriad of other little niggles that have led to a really frustrating experience lately. I managed to clear of more … [Read more…]

Trying Not To Go Stir Crazy

I'm not going to go stir crazy! I'm doing what I can to keep myself busy while I'm between jobs. I went into work today to get my (possibly/probably) final timesheet signed and clean out my desk. Also copied some work that I want to keep for my portfolio off my system there. I don't … [Read more…]

On A Different Note

I'm growing increasingly frustrated with not having any place to listen to music in my apartment other than the computer room. I'm suddenly in the mood today to blast some Soundgarden, but the only place I can listen to music (aside from carrying around my iPod, and the headphones just won't cut it) right now … [Read more…]