I Want To Make Lots Of Noise

I’ve had this itch lately to make some good old-fashioned industrial music. No, not like Nine Inch Nails or Ministry, or even Skinny Puppy. I’m thinking the banging on pipes, hitting oil drums with sledgehammers, and mangling tape loops kind of industrial. Einsturzende Neubauten at their most abrasive and experimental, but perhaps with a bit … [Read more…]

My Left Shoe

For some reason my left shoe comes untied all the damn time, but my right one very rarely does. I have no hypothesis or theory for this problem, but I though I'd share in nonetheless. Yes, I'm feeling quirky today.

Strangely Empty

Last night I woke up several times throughout the night, and have been up much earlier than usual today. Thing is, it’s all been because of this strange, empty feeling I have. Like I’ve been completely drained of all my energy and lifeforce. Like somebody has stolen my soul, if you will. All that newfound … [Read more…]

Glimpsing The Unicorn

This post started out, a couple of days ago when I originally wrote it, as an examination of my winter blahs. Most (pretty much all) of my night had been spent meditating for my friend Melissa and sending all my energy her way as she had lost her mother that day. I decided I needed … [Read more…]

A Visualization: Clouds

I am a cloud. I am floating above the world, looking down on it's splendor. The sun warms my back and the breeze cools my body. All is right with the world as I drift along, billowing, growing. Birds flo through me, planes fly over me, kites fly beneath me. I am surrounded by life, … [Read more…]

Surprised? I Am!

For anyone that's known me a few years, this will come as a surprising turn of events. As part of my shift to a more minimal lifestyle and living space, I actually packed up all my CD's and stowed them away. Thanks to the wonderful world of iTunes and the iPod, I never listen to … [Read more…]

Reconciling Spirituality With Science

Anybody that’s known me long enough knows that I’m a pretty big skeptic, a literal realist. I believe in science, not oogy-boogy mysticism. Lately, though, I’ve been talking a lot about spirituality and souls and all manner of other un-measurables. The un-quantifiable. So how do I reconcile all these seemingly disparate views? Easy, I believe … [Read more…]

A Fault: Impatience

When I'm speaking of impatience, I'm speaking more of "living in the now" than anything else. I have a real problem with this sometimes, spending too much time and energy looking towards, or worrying about, what is next rather than what is now. Wishing time would hurry up so I could get to whatever plans … [Read more…]

The Introspective Journey

I’ve been spending a lot of time on introspection lately. Looking at myself, who and what I am. How much do I stay true to myself, and how much do I let my self-view be colored by the vision others project onto me? What are my faults? What are my assets? Where do they overlap? … [Read more…]

Posting Too Much?

I’ve been wondering lately if I’m posting too much. There was a point, not that long ago really, where I hardly posted anything. Weeks would go by without a post. So I vowed to try and post more often, hoping to get where I’d post something almost every day. That was before I set myself … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve been thinking about things to do over Memorial Day weekend this year, I know I want to do something this year. The first option that I’m thinking about is taking a retreat. Specifically, The Garrison Institute is having a Buddhist retreat that weekend that sounds really interesting. It’s close enough (just outside New York … [Read more…]

A Visualization: The Snow

I'm thinking today about the snow. Before the snow came, the world was gray and dim. The trees are bare, the grass is sleeping, the flowers are gone, the sun is hidden. Colorless, muddy. Dirty and discarded. Then the snow came. The view was hidden by the swirling dance of the flakes in the wind. … [Read more…]

A Few Words On Photos

If I were living in the world of Marvel Comics and I were a member of the X-Men, I’m pretty sure my mutant power would be my uncanny (pun fully intended, for my nerd brethren out there) ability to always be just a little bit out of frame on nearly every picture that’s ever been … [Read more…]