Now THAT Is Customer Service!

I’m off work today due to a general slowness at the office right now, nothing to do so no reason to be there, so I made my weekly trip to my local comics shop (Carol & John’s Comics in Fairview Park, OH) to pick up this weeks new comics. There’s this great new indy series, … [Read more…]

Another Notch?

I noticed today that I was able to tighten my belt up another notch today. Thing is, my weight has pretty much stabilized. That means the modifications to my diet must be working, as my waist is still shrinking while my weight isn't! (Mostly, I switched to whole grain breads, pasta, etc. and upped my … [Read more…]

Remember Kids, Vote Absentee…

So, according to this article, along with several others making their way around the net today, Diebold voting machines can be unlocked using the key from a hotel mini-bar. The lock/key used for these machines is actually a very common piece of hardware that's used for everything from jukeboxes to file cabinets to hotel mini-bars. … [Read more…]

Bad Technology Mojo?

If it weren't for the fact that every single aspect of my company's technology migration had gone wrong every step of the way, I might think I was suffering from the bad technology mojo today. In particular, the shared server that we store all our project files is running a whole new kind of slow … [Read more…]

A Week Of Announcements

It would seem next week will be a geek's paradise with three different companies holding media events. First, you have Apple on tuesday. The invitations to the event say only “It's Showtime” in Apple's typical mysterious fashion. Speculation predicts everything from the iTunes Movie Store, to an Apple phone, to new iPods, to a media … [Read more…]

I [Heart] Alan Moore

Yes, this man is easily, in my opinion, the most brilliant writer in comics, and probably one of the best writers around, period. He looks, at first glance, to be a disheveled vagrant, he worships Glycon, recently retired from full-time writing to practice his magic, and he wrote the only graphic novel to be included … [Read more…]

Can I Keep Snoozing?

It's cold, it's dark… who wants to get out of bed? I had to break out my winter robe for the first time this morning, so there's a good sign that summer is over. Strangely, I'm not that upset by it. I'm ready for a change of season, I'm actually kinda looking forward to winter. … [Read more…]

Automagically Fixed

So the Tivo somehow managed to fix itself overnight last night. Further research indicates that it sometimes take it that long to implement those kinds of settings changes, which is pretty sizable bag full of suck, IMO. Why does it take as much as 24 hours for a simple settings change to take hold? Mind … [Read more…]

That Tivo Love Affair?

Yeah, that's just about over already. Trying to get the whole TivoToGo functionality working has got me at my wit's end at this point. I can't get the Tivo box to give me the Media Access Key needed to access the Tivo from the PC, though I can get it from the web but it … [Read more…]