The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 123

I think everyone on the trip had their own personal “OMG!” moment at some point. Some of us even had several of them. The arrival at Tengboche and subsequent time spent there was most certainly one of my two big emotional goosebump days. Sadly, I did a pretty poor job of enunciating how I was feeling in the commentary for this episode, but hopefully I’ll do a better job here. This was the day that what I was doing really sunk in, the day I really let it sink in.

The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 122

For as much time as we spend talking about all the struggles and challenges of the trek, some might begin to wonder why in the world anyone would do something like this. Why would you want to go and do something that seems so decidedly un-fun? This episode gives a good window into how much fun there was to be had on the trails every day.

The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 121

Ahh… technology. You don’t realize how much a part of your daily life it is until it’s taken away. And the harshness of the conditions you’re in really hit home as you watch how it impacts your gear. Frosted lenses, frozen batteries, failing memory cards, powerless laptops… the Himalayas can be really rough on technology.