What I’ve Been Playing and Watching

I’ve started doing regular posts about what I’m listening to, both music and podcasts, but I realized that I’ve been neglecting what I’ve been playing and watching. Video games, television, movies, whatever. I spend as much time, if not more, on this stuff than I do on music, so why shouldn’t they get their own … [Read more…]

Gah! My Tivo Is Full!

Earlier this week, I noticed my “Recently Deleted” folder was empty. Gah! This means it's filled up and about to start erasing suggestions, some of which I do actually want to watch at some point. I was able to delete some of the suggestions I didn't want to free things back up again, but, now … [Read more…]

Is Tivo Crossing The Line?

As frustrating as it is for me to be served ads on a service I pay for, I've grown to accept it for the most part. I'm willing to pay extra to avoid them, having grown more and more intolerant of being marketed to seemingly every waking moment of every day, but it's unavoidable from … [Read more…]

The Post Where I Express My Love For HD

Over the course of the last week my cable company added Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, and Animal Planet in HD. I already had Discovery HD Theater, but this is Discovery proper in HD. Finally watching MythBusters in HD yesterday was a big slice of awesome. My wish list of HD channels is growing ever shorter. … [Read more…]

Other Corporate Shenanigans

Time Warner Cable is officially being kicked to the curb. I let them jerk me around for 6 weeks waiting for an HD cable box, now they’re trying to jerk me around on Cable Cards for my Tivo HD. So I called their competitor, Wide Open West, today. Pricing is about the same, I get … [Read more…]

A Tale of HD and DRM

About a month and a half ago I finally upgraded to an HDTV. The old SD set has been on it's deathbed for a while, plus I wanted to get both an AppleTV and an X-Box 360 (the former of which requires an HDTV and the latter is certainly a much better experience in HD.) … [Read more…]

More Tivo Errata

It would seem the Tivo is trying it's hardest to convince me to dump the service and move to a Myth TV box. After the debacle earlier in the week, where it filled up the hard drive with a seemingly endless stream of soap operas via Tivo Suggestions, I'm already a bit irritated with it. … [Read more…]

Hopping On The HD Bandwagon?

I've been thinking a lot lately about finally making the move to HD. I've got a number of reasons why, a number of stumbling blocks making me continue to hesitate, and some possible solutions towards overcoming those hang-ups. First, the reasons why… My current (and very old) standard def television is on it's last legs. … [Read more…]

My Tivo Has Lost It’s Mind

Usually, my Tivo only records one or two “suggestions” each day, I've had it long enough that it's gotten pretty well trained. Until today, that is. Over the last 24 hours or so it recorded about 20 new suggestions, and most of it makes no sense at all. It recorded ballroom dancing, a biopic on … [Read more…]

Damn It, I’m Hooked

Well, it's official. I've become a junkie for The Office. I love this damn show. I swore I'd never get hooked on network television after Buffy and Angel ended, but I got sucked back in. This show is so damn good, hilarious and sappily melodramatic at the same time. (And, if you watch the show, … [Read more…]

A Good Sign, I Guess…

Yeah, Robot Chicken can still make me smile, laugh even, so things must not be as bad as it seemed last night. Still feeling pretty down, just not so hopeless any more. (Oh yeah, Dogma is cracking me up pretty well right now too.) I will say though, that with two of my three siblings … [Read more…]

What’s Up With My Tivo?

I woke up this morning to find that my Tivo had recorded about 10 hours worth of stuff from HGTV. It's never recorded anything like that before, I haven't been watching or recording anything like that, so what made it decide I wanted to watch that stuff? And it hasn't recorded that many programs on … [Read more…]


What a fun night! Dinner with friends. (Okay, the food sucked, but the friends part was good!) Went to see Spamalot (Funniest. Play. Ever.) Now I’m home and my Tivo has dutifully recorded My Name Is Earl and The Office for me, which I will now watch before settling into bed and doing a little … [Read more…]

Automagically Fixed

So the Tivo somehow managed to fix itself overnight last night. Further research indicates that it sometimes take it that long to implement those kinds of settings changes, which is pretty sizable bag full of suck, IMO. Why does it take as much as 24 hours for a simple settings change to take hold? Mind … [Read more…]