Logic Pro, Back From The Dead.

Whoa, Logic isn't dead after all. But it might as well be, it's still dead to me.

From a quick glance through the manual for the just-announced Logic 8, it looks like you still can't record the output of a software instrument other than bouncing to disk, and you still have to go into the Environment to route multiple MIDI inputs into multi-channel software instruments.


Ableton Live can do this, and requires all of a couple of quick mouse clicks from the main application window. No bouncing to disk. No confusing Environment editing. Click. Click. Done. Is wanting to be able to route audio and MIDI around the application in easy and flexible ways really such an odd request? Apparently so.

There are a lot of great additions and changes in Logic 8, but until I can route things around the app as easy as I can in Live, I have zero interest in switching back to Logic.

EDIT: I'm now reading that you apparently can record the output of a software instrument, though I can find no reference to how to do so in the manual. I guess I'll have to wait until I can actually use the app to pass final judgment.