New Music For May and June

I didn’t post a list last month as I stupidly let me eMusic allotment roll over without downloading anything, and only got one new album as a result. So here’s this month’s new music, along with the one album (Nine Inch Nails) from last month.

Queens Of The Stone AgeRated R

While this didn’t tweak me as much as Era Vulgaris did, it’s still a very, very good record. There were a couple songs on here that I recognized and remembered liking in the past, but never had any idea who it was. I guess I was a QotSA fan before I even knew it.


Outside of Helmet and Unsane, I never really got much into the NYC noise rock scene back in the day. Still, I came across this while browsing through the catalog for Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records and picked it up on a whim. It’s good, but not great.

Nuclear AssaultThird World Genocide

Nuclear Assault was one of my favorite bands during my teenage thrash days, and while listening to their classic first album, Game Over I got to wondering what they were all up to. Other than Danny Lilker’s stint with Brutal Truth, I had no clue where they did post-NA. Off to Wikipedia I went, only to find out they had recently gotten back together! They even had a new album out, which eMusic conveniently had, so I picked it up.

While not as good as NA classics like Game Over and The Plague, it’s still a damn fine record. Old-school thrash metal at it’s finest. Glad there’s still someone to carry that torch.

Dead DiscoAutomatic

I picked up this 3-song EP to burn up the last of my monthly eMusic downloads after finding it randomly clicking around through various genres. Vocally, it’s jangly female pop not unlike Bettie Serveert. Musically, it’s electronic-tinged new wave/post punk. Damn fine stuff, I wish they had more on eMusic.

!!!Louden Up Now

I bought this based off of a song of theirs that appears on the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack, which I really liked. Sadly, the full album didn’t really live up. It’s not a bad album, it just hasn’t grabbed me and made me want to go back and listen to it more.

Their name, by the way, is pronounced “chk-chk-chk” from what I’ve read. Just in case you were wondering.

Nine Inch NailsThe Slip

Damn, Trent is getting positively prolific lately. Keep it up, man! Even better, this album was released as a free download on, so you can’t argue with the price. It’s more live and organic feeling than the mechanical and electronic grooved Year Zero that preceded it. As always, the songs are catchy and addictive and only get better with each listen.