The Pearl Jam Appreciation Post

Over the last couple of weeks I've gotten on a huge Pearl Jam kick. According to my Last.FM stats, I listened to more Pearl Jam last week than everything else combined, and managed to push them into my top 10 artists of all time. It started when I had my iPod on shuffle and it decided to play me “Once”, which I hadn't heard in a while. When it chose to follow that up with some noodling minimal techno nonsense, I broke out of the shuffle and put Ten on instead.

Back in the day, even before they hit MTV, I was a huge Pearl Jam fan. One of the most fun dates I've ever been on was going to see the guys from Pearl Jam play a charity basketball game against a bunch of local radio DJ's. (Pearl Jam, of course, pwned.) I'd consider Ten to be among the great rock and roll albums of all time, with Vs coming pretty high up the list as well. But it wasn't too long after the release of Vs that I kinda drifted away from the whole grunge thing and stopped paying much attention to Pearl Jam at all.

After playing the heck out of both Ten and Vs, I decided to go out and get all the Pearl Jam albums I missed over the years. Everything except their most recent eponymous release, which I was unable to find anywhere. So now I'm slowly working my way through their back catalog and catching up on all those missed albums. I'm really disappointed in myself that it took me more than 10 years to sit down and really listen to Vitalogy. What a damn good album, “Corduroy” has already become one of my new favorite Pearl Jam songs.

I'm giving No Code a shot right now, but nothing on it has really grabbed me yet. I get what they're doing, and appreciate their efforts to branch out, but none of the songs have really jumped out at me yet and made me what to listen to them over and over like songs from past albums. Maybe it's time to move on to Yield and see if that grabs me better?

I'm remembering why I used to love music so much. And wondering how I lost it along the way.