That Tivo Love Affair?

Yeah, that's just about over already. Trying to get the whole TivoToGo functionality working has got me at my wit's end at this point. I can't get the Tivo box to give me the Media Access Key needed to access the Tivo from the PC, though I can get it from the web but it … [Read more…]

We Have WiFi!

I got my wireless router set up and running! I also picked up a wireless bridge to connect the old iBook wirelessly, err… semi-wirelessly. The iBook is still using an ethernet cable to connect to the bridge, but from there it's wireless! I'm now good to go in a couple days when my Tivo arrives! … [Read more…]

Tivo’s On The Way!

Woo hoo! The Tivo is shipped and on the way, and is scheduled to arrive on Thursday! Only two more days of dealing with my crappy Adelphia/Time Warner DVR! This means I need to go out and buy a wireless router now, so that I can have it networked without needing ugly cables strung across … [Read more…]

Cleaning Out The DVR

Now that I've ordered a Tivo, I'll be getting rid of my cable company's shitty DVR in a week or two. As a result, I'm trying to go through all the stuff I've recorded and never gotten around to watching before I give it up. So far I've finally watched Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, … [Read more…]

I Finally Broke Down

I finally placed my order for a Tivo today! I've been procrastinating over it for a while now, but I finally pulled the trigger today. Another week or so and I can bid good-bye to my cable company's piece of crap DVR. Good-bye to it's random crashes, good-bye to it's forgetting to record things, good-bye … [Read more…]

Kicking The Habit

As part of an attempt to spend less time watching television and more time doing something worthwhile, I actually logged all the TV I watched for the entire month of February. Think of it like counting calories by keeping a food diary when you’re dieting. I was happy to learn I only watched an average … [Read more…]

An Evening With Kevin Smith

I’ve had An Evening With Kevin Smith sitting on my DVR for months on end, and had never gotten around to watching it. The fact that it’s almost four hours long was certainly a contributing factor, but I finally decided to watch at least a little bit of it last night. I figured I’d sit … [Read more…]

Damn It, Got Hooked Again

A couple years back, I swore off of network television. I decided that, once Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel ran their course, I’d never again watch any new network shows on a regular basis. There were a number of reasons: the piss poor quality of the shows, the endless commercials, annoying product placement, starting … [Read more…]

Bunk Science In Cinema

Willful suspension of disbelief. It’s an important concept in fiction, especially in the science fiction and fantasy genres. It’s where we, as the viewer or reader, are willing to accept things that we know or suspect to be either impossible or highly improbable. Usually because they’re presented in such a way that they seem to … [Read more…]

Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding

I caught Chris Titus’ Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding on cable this weekend and was surprised by how good it was! I’m not really a fan of stand up comedy, they usually don’t interest me much. I’ve seen some good comedians from time to time, but it’s not really my thing. So, I was pleasantly surprised … [Read more…]

Star Wars Trilogy DVDs

This will most likely be the 2139th blog posting today on this topic, but I want to beat the horse too, and I don't care that it's already shuffled the mortal coil. Han shot first. Hayden Christensen has no place in the original trilogy. That's all I have to say.