That Tivo Love Affair?

Yeah, that's just about over already.

Trying to get the whole TivoToGo functionality working has got me at my wit's end at this point. I can't get the Tivo box to give me the Media Access Key needed to access the Tivo from the PC, though I can get it from the web but it doesn't work. Access denied. Trying to use any of the third-party utilities to transfer video to the Tivo don't work either, they just tell me “Will Transfer Later” when previous transfer requests have completed, despite the fact that there are no other transfers running.

The fixes on Tivo's support forums involve logging onto the DVR Preferences page on Tivo's web site (which frustratingly logs me out every five fucking minutes, forcing me to keep logging in over and over) and disable transfers. Then force the Tivo to re-connect to their servers to pick up the change. Then log back in again and re-enable transfers and force the Tivo to re-connect again to get that change. Mind you, that re-connection process takes as long as 30 minutes each time, and thus far several hours of logging in, changing settings, and forcing connections have done fuck all in fixing the problems. Still have a Media Access Key that is “temporarily unavailable” and I still can't transfer files to or from the Tivo.

One of the main things that pushed me over the edge and got me to get a Tivo in the first place was the ability to transfer files back and forth, and three days into having a Tivo I've yet to be able to do so even once. Nor does it seem that I'll ever be able to at this rate. I'm pretty damn close to just sucking it up on whatever penalties I have to pay to get out of the one year contract early and sending this piece of shit back.

Now I understand why there's so many people with such a strong dislike for Tivo. Fuck Tivo.