Cleaning Out The DVR

Now that I've ordered a Tivo, I'll be getting rid of my cable company's shitty DVR in a week or two. As a result, I'm trying to go through all the stuff I've recorded and never gotten around to watching before I give it up.

So far I've finally watched Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Batman Begins, and about half of What The Bleep Do We Know?

I found Charlie to be terribly disappointing, just too Tim Burton for me. I've traditionally liked his stuff, but too many of his films are starting to feel too… same-y? Same visual style, same directorial style, hell, the same actor(s) in many cases. Even the musical numbers were underwhelming, a surprise considering how much of a Danny Elman fan I can be. They, like the rest of the film, just didn't compare to the previous adaption.

Batman Begins, on the other hand, was quite good. I really liked the slower pace, and it seemed to do a good job of re-telling Batman's origin. Not a direct adaption of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One comics, but it borrowed enough elements to keep it's spirit while still standing on it's own.

I also really enjoyed what I watched of What The Bleep, though I was really tired last night so I ended up turning it off. I'll hopefully finish watching that one today at some point.

So what's left on the DVR?

I've got a bunch of Hayao Miyazaki's films that I recorded and never got around to watching, including My Neighbor Totoro, Castle In The Sky, and Princess Mononoke. I don't know that I'll get around to watching all of them, there's 8 of them on there, but I hope to get through a couple of them. There's also a documentary on the Blue Man Group that I may or may not bother with, and a ton of old episodes of MythBusters that I've already seen but never got around to deleting, or wanted to keep because I particularly enjoyed them.

If you do the math, they claim the DVR has 40 hours of recording time, and 58% is used, so I've got about 23 hours of stuff on there. More than I'll ever watch in the next week or so. Though, 10 hours of it is the aforementioned MythBusters episodes, so there's only about 13 hours of un-watched stuff there. Which I may just be able to get through.

It sure would be nice to empty the thing before I give it back.