Tivo’s On The Way!

Woo hoo! The Tivo is shipped and on the way, and is scheduled to arrive on Thursday! Only two more days of dealing with my crappy Adelphia/Time Warner DVR!

This means I need to go out and buy a wireless router now, so that I can have it networked without needing ugly cables strung across my living room. The only problem with this will be the fact that I have absolutely no wireless devices to test it with right now, so I guess it's a case of plugging it in an hoping it worked until the Tivo arrives. *shrug*

I also finally figured out the seemingly huge price discrepancies between ordering from Tivo and buying locally from Best Buy/CompUSA/etc. The box you buy at the local stores gets you the service for $12.95/mo. for one year service, whereas the box from Tivo will be $16.95/mo. for one year.

So, the Best Buy version is $249.99, minus a $150 mail-in rebate, plus $12.95 x 12 for the service, totaling $255.87 for the package. The Tivo version is $30.00 for the box, plus $16.95 x 12 for the service, totaling $233.40 (shipping is free.) So the difference isn't nearly as striking as it would seem. Still, the Tivo direct option is a little cheaper overall, doesn't involve the hassle of a mail-in rebate, and has a lower cost of entry initially, so it's still worth it for me.

(And, yes, I realize the difference in monthly rate will start to add up after the first year. But, frankly, if Tivo hasn't improved their Mac support by at least finally releasing the long-promised OS X version of TivoToGo, I'll probably kick them to the curb after the first year. Or, that's what I'm going to tell them at least. *wink*)