Things I Had Forgotten

How good the first few ZZ Top records were, back before they turned into A Flock Of Seagulls in the eighties.

Thomas Brinkmann makes some of the coolest minimal techno around. I listened to his stuff for the first time in many, many months today, and it just blows my mind how creative the guy is. Inspirational and just a bit discouraging at the same time. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s an alien.

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs are the most amazingly comfortable chairs ever. I mean, I could sit in one of those things all day and never get uncomfortable. One day, I will own one at home.

How much I like celery. I hadn’t eaten any in twenty years before last week.

How much I don’t like green tea. But I drink it anyway because it’s good for me.

How much more responsive the UI is in Windows XP vs. Mac OS X. That doesn’t mean I’d rather use Windows or anything, I just like “OMG! Teh snappy!” and Windows has that more than Macintosh. Rather sad.

Parking in downtown Cleveland sucks large amounts of big, hairy ass.

Earl Grey is best with a spot of honey added in.

Macromedia FreeHand sucks. Can I please use Adobe Illustrator from now on? Please?

Cleveland drivers suck and are alarmingly impatient and inconsiderate. Though it is quite amusing to watch them weaving back and forth and hyper-accelerating at the slightest opening, cutting people off and tailgating, teeth clenched and knuckles white from their death-grip on the steering wheel, all to end up sitting right next to me at the next red light or inevitable rush hour traffic jam. I guess most Clevelanders must be almost completely stress-free and need to create all this extra stress for themselves. Myself, I’ve got enough stress. So I’ll just take my time and relax the whole way, and probably arrive only a minute or two later than all the stressed out jackasses.

How much fun playing Day Of Defeat is. All the more so with the new graphics and uber-cool HDR lighting in Day Of Defeat:Source. Now, how about more than four maps guys?

How yummy Naomi Watts is. I’ve had a crush on her since way back when she was Jet Girl, and I was reminded of that fact when I saw her in I Heart Huckabees last night. Which is also a good movie, BTW. Or, at least I think it was a really good movie. I’ll probably have to see it a couple more times before I understand it all.

How easy it is to fill an entire blog posting with random nonsense.