I Finally Broke Down

I finally placed my order for a Tivo today! I've been procrastinating over it for a while now, but I finally pulled the trigger today. Another week or so and I can bid good-bye to my cable company's piece of crap DVR. Good-bye to it's random crashes, good-bye to it's forgetting to record things, good-bye to it's small hard drive, good-bye to it's inability to dump my recording to a PC, good-bye to it's inability to play music or movies from the PC, good-bye to it's inflexible scheduling, good-bye to it's myriad of other random bugs and glitches. Good-bye and good riddance.

This finally also pushes me to get wireless internet up and running in my apartment as I really don't want to string a phone or ethernet cable across the living room. Of course, this means I've got the added expense of buying a wireless router which currently will have no other use other than for the tivo. My old iBook has zero options for adding wireless to it. Apple has long discontinued it's proprietary AirPort card (I'll save my long anti-Apple rant on this subject for another day) for my model, it has no PC Card slot for a third-party card, and the only USB wifi adapter that's ever had Mac drivers is also discontinued. So, big middle finger to Apple on that one. But, in about three weeks I get a company laptop that will have wifi so I'll be able to use that at home from time-to-time (but, being both a work computer and a Windows system, I'd much rather stick with my iBook.)