The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 122

For as much time as we spend talking about all the struggles and challenges of the trek, some might begin to wonder why in the world anyone would do something like this. Why would you want to go and do something that seems so decidedly un-fun? This episode gives a good window into how much fun there was to be had on the trails every day.

For a group of creative souls such as we were, there was never a shortage of opportunities to engage ourselves with. Every time you turned around, it seemed there was something else new and interesting to photograph. Through much of the trek, it would probably have been difficult to not find something worth snapping a quick shot of. The fascinating people, the interesting architecture, the breathtaking scenery. All surrounding us day in and day out.

Many long hours of hiking passed by while having long conversations over just about anything you could imagine. From debating the potential price of the then-forthcoming Snow Leopard operating system, to lessons from Jon on the entire video production pipeline, to a glimpse into the world of spinal surgery from Jeff, it was talking to fellow trekkers that made many a difficult trekking day so much easier to bear.

The Rest of Everest Episode 122

There are fond memories of a spontaneus snowball fight breaking out one morning in Dingboche with myself, Megan, Kyle, Steve B., and Sonam. And later Pemba leading us on an exploration of the village and surrounding area. Many a night sitting around a tea house and playing the Phase 10 card game that Megan brought along. Huddling around a kerosene heater at base camp listening to Jon and Dawa reminisce about the 2003 expedition. Watching the kids play and laugh that you see in this episode.

And that’s not even getting into the time spent in Thamel before and after the trek itself. I could tell tales of staying out way too late at the bar with Kyle, Megan, and Steve B. jamming along to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Or the first meal back where we all gorged ourselves on cheeseburgers and brownie sundaes. Or so many other great moments we shared with each other. But, honestly, a lot of that stuff feels like it was just for us. No cameras, no podcasts, just a group of new friends hanging out.

So when we start going on and on about sliding down the Marquardt Scale and complaining about our sore and aching muscles, or grumbling about the lack of sleep and congested sinuses, or whatever else we might be lamenting at any given moment, just remember that taken as a whole it was actually really fun. It was a great experience where the good times far outnumbered the bad.

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  1. Hi John,

    I enjoyed your post… nice synopsis of some of the funny highlights. It’s amazing to me that half a year later all of the minor issues have faded and what’s left is the glow of a very special time with new friends, amazing vistas, challenges overcome, and some sort of spiritual renewal. I dearly miss our time there. It really was an experience of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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