The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest – Episode 114

I’ve decided to do a sort of behind-the-scenes commentary on the trek as each episode comes on. Provide even more detail about what went on in each episodes. A bit of a “The Rest Of The Rest Of Everest” if you will. As Jon Miller’s tentmate, I saw a little but more of the background machinations of the trek than perhaps most others did, so there may be some extra dimension I can add. Plus there’s so much more that went on than what you’re seeing on the podcast. As detailed as it is, it still only captures a tiny part of what went on. So why not share those experiences?

Not a whole lot to write about with this episode as it’s mostly a history lesson and brief preview. I will say that I’ve been a fan of the podcast for almost as long as it’s been around. Watching the early episodes really helped motivate me to get in shape and get out to try some mountaineering of my own. So I dropped 50 pounds and made a trip to Mt. Washington for some instruction and a trip up the mountain. I’ve been back there once since, and still very much have that itch to keep working at it.

More than that though, that first trip really triggered something in my brain. I’ve spent so much less time at home in front of a TV or computer, and so much time out in the world experiencing it and exploring it. Even had I never gone on this trek, I would owe a great debt to Jon (and to Ben Clark) for this alone. Who I am was changed because of simply watching the podcast, even more so by getting to be part of it. I’m a very different person now that I would have been were it not for The Rest Of Everest, and it’s for the better I think. So thank you, Jon. And Thank you, Ben.

(Side note: I actually didn’t decide to do this until around episode 121, but I’m going to try and go back and do one for all the episodes I missed and backdate them to the original release date. So if you’re coming in late, you’ll be none the wiser! Oh, wait… I just kinda ruined that, didn’t I? Ah well, all part of the process!)