Off To Nepal!

Things have just about come together for the Everest Trek 2009. My duffel is packed with 5 pounds to spare, and I have everything I need. Busy topping off all my batteries today, then I just need to get my hair cut later tonight, do some laundry, and then get my daypack loaded for the 30 hour trip to Kathmandu.

Tomorrow should be a day of relaxing and doing my best to not get nervous or overly anxious about this. This is easily the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life, so I’m determined not to let it all overwhelm me. Let’s see… I get to leave the continent for the first time, visit one of the spiritual centers of Buddhism, visit Everest, spend three weeks with two of my favorite podcasters, meet a bunch of new people, and learn about photography and videography. And have a hi-def record of the whole thing! Yeah, it’s a bit of a big deal.

Come early Saturday morning, I’m on my way. If you want to follow along, here are some links for you:


Everest Base Camp Trek 2009 Netvibes – Features a real time map that will be updated with our location throughout the trek, as well as feeds and links to all the participant’s blogs and Twitter accounts.
Everest Base Camp Trek 2009 Home Page – Home page for the trek, featuring the Live Widget, which will be updated throughout the trek.
Everest Trek 2009 Twitter – The Twitter account for the Trek, will be updated with news and photos throughout the trip.


And, of course, this blog.

For my friends and family there will probably also be updates posted to my Facebook account, and I’ll be in touch via email and phone when I can. And, with that, I’m off!