The Big Announcement

I’ve hinted at it a bit in some previous posts, but I’ve had a big announcement I’ve been saving up for a while and I figure it’s past time to make it public now. I am going to Everest! I will be spending 3 weeks hiking from Kathmandu, Nepal to base camp at Everest.

But, it gets better! The trek is being filmed for two different podcasts, The Rest Of Everest and Tips From The Top Floor. The focus of the trek will be as a photography and videography workshop, and the whole thing will be shot in HD for future usage in both podcasts. There will be a total of ten participants, along with Jon Miller from The Rest Of Everest and Chris Marquardt from Tips From The Top Floor and his girlfriend.

The trek itself will take place from May 4th to May 22nd of 2009, and we’re shooting to arrive at base camp around the middle of the month when it’s most likely teams will be reaching the summit. What better time to be at base camp than when the excitement of climbers summiting is going on? I don’t know yet when the footage will begin to appear on the podcasts, so I’ll keep you posted on that. I’m sure it won’t be long after we return.

We will have some limited internet access while on the trek, so I hope to be able to post photos to Flickr and text here and on Twitter while I’m on the trek. But we’ll see what is and isn’t feasible, or how much I even want to stay connected back to the “real world” while I’m up there.

So that’s it! I’ll surely post more info on the trip as it gets closer.