Finally, A Migration!

So, I’ve finally launched an updated version of this blog today. I made the switch from Drupal to WordPress, using a modified third-party theme for now. I’ll probably stick with this theme and just keep iterating on it, making it more and more custom over time.

There’s still some work to do on the posts, I had to re-assign all the categories by hand to them due to the ugliness of getting things from Drupal and into WordPress, and I’d still like to fine tune where I’ve categorized things. There’s still some formatting issues with really old posts that happened when I went from LiveJournal to Drupal that I’m fixing, and I lost all my tags. Whether or not I’ll even attempt to re-tag the old content remains to be seen.

A lot of the extra pages, “About Me” and such, are still placeholders too. Slowly but surely writing up content for those sections. I really hate writing about myself, so those pages are a victim of procrastination. But I’ll get to them eventually!

Well, I hope the few people that are een reading this right now enjoy the new version. Thanks for taking the time to visit!