Travel Planning

For the first time in, well… forever, I’ve got a bunch of travel (does three count as a “bunch?”) planned over the next year or so. While all purely recreational, they all involve a lot of work and effort, so no rest and relaxation for me! Totally worth it though, they should all be very rewarding experiences. Plus, new places and new experiences are all great ways to keep that right brain in shape. (More on that some other day, lots more thoughts there!)

First up, though last chronologically, is the big trip. Next April/May I’m planning on a trip to Nepal, to hike across the countryside and ultimately end up at Everest Base Camp. I’ve got the necessary extended vacation approved at work, so it looks like it’s a go on this one! I’m still working out the specifics, particularly deciding whether to go on a climber-focused expedition, or a Buddhist-focused trek. I’m leaning toward the climber-style option, especially as the Buddhist part will be part of any expedition, it’s hard to avoid in that area of the world. There’s a third option as well, but it’s too soon to talk about that yet.

To help get prepared for that, I’m trying to put together a trip to Colorado over Labor Day weekend to climb either Mt. Elbert or Mt. Massive. Both are 14k peaks, and both are, during the summer at least, hike-up summits. They’ll be great practice for the Everest trek, and a much-needed test of my acclimatization abilities. As I’ve never been above around 8,000 feet or so, I’ll feel much more at ease going into the Himalayas if I’ve gotten up a bit higher beforehand. It’ll also be a great test of my physical conditioning, it’s time to start back into the heavy exercise regimen!

Finally, there’s another trip back to Mt. Washington this winter, probably December or January this time around. To mix things up a bit, I’m planning to do an overnight climb this year. Climb up one day, having dinner and sleeping overnight at the weather station on the summit, then climb back down the next day. It can serve as one final test of what kind of shape I’m in as well. From there, it’s off to the Himalayas!

So, that’s it for now. I’m going to have to bust my ass before, during, and after all the trips to pull it all off, but it’ll be rewarding enough to justify all the work. I can’t wait!