Is Tivo Crossing The Line?

As frustrating as it is for me to be served ads on a service I pay for, I've grown to accept it for the most part. I'm willing to pay extra to avoid them, having grown more and more intolerant of being marketed to seemingly every waking moment of every day, but it's unavoidable from time to time. So I shrug off the embedded ads on the home screen of my Tivo.

Walking in the door last night, I notice both little red lights on the Tivo lit up. There's really little to nothing on at that time of the day that I have any interest in watching, so the Tivo even recording on one tuner at that point would have been uncommon. But both tuners? I shrug it off and go about my night, eating dinner, catching up on podcasts, reading, whatever.

I eventually decide to check out what's on my Tivo, find out what the hell it was recording earlier. I see that my Tivo Suggestions list is loaded up with about a dozen shows from the DIY Channel. Any one who knows me knows I'm not really the home improvement type. Hell, I don't even own or live in a house. I may have watched a rerun of While You Were Out here and there, but there's little to nothing in my history, as far as the Tivo is concerned, that would have indicated I would have any interest in this kind of programming. So I thumbs down them all and delete them and head back to the home screen on the Tivo.

This time, I notice the ad banner on the home screen. It's for the DIY Channel.

I don't want to jump into conspiracy theories here, but two and two seem to be adding up to four here. The pitch: “Buy advertising on our service and we'll push your shows down our customers throats for you.” Or, so it would seem.

What else am I to think?